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Coming out from under my rock…

Have you ever thought, “There has to be something else?!”….

Picture me at graduation from a top University.  I should have been happy but all I remember is how much trepidation I felt, knowing that I did not have a job lined up.  I eventually found a job at a financial group but after 10 months, I returned to the skill that I learned best, how to be a professional student.  I obtained an advanced degree, a Masters in Physical Therapy, (then later a Doctorate) and found a spot at a top facility in NYC.

From the outside, it might have looked as if things were great.  I was advancing in my career, owning my own place, got married, and about to start my own family.  The truth was, I felt unfulfilled.  I was not happy about working a 40/40 job.  I was working past my hours, needing to clock in and out though I was salaried, being a slave to a long commute… I felt like a widget that was part of a factory line.  I was barely paying my bills month to month.  I kept thinking that I would be stuck here for the rest of my life,.. until retirement?

Time was moving around me, I trudged on year-after-year…  but I felt like was standing still in the middle of the chaos.  

And that’s when lightning strikes.  

There I was kneeling on the ground cradling my baby..  waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  I didn’t know if she was breathing.  I didn’t know what was happening.  Needless to say, that began a whirlwind of running to doctor appointments, more ER visits, getting on a plane to the next expert’s opinion.. This eventually landed us back in NYC to see a specialist.

In a blink of an eye, we found ourselves sitting in the hospital lobby..  waiting..  again.  I had taken 5 weeks off to search for an answer.  I wasn't even sure they would hold my spot at the company I was working with.  And I was pretty sure, if I didn't work, I wasn't seeing a paycheck.  There are no guarantees for your JOB when you are an employee.  I just kept thinking to myself,

“There has to be something else…  There has to be something ELSE I CAN DO!”

What Happened Next….

Fast forward to September of 2015, I was presented with the idea of starting my own home business with Network Marketing. The idea that I could weave work into my family’s schedule rather than fitting life around my work.  Lightbulb moment!  This is it!  I could do this.  In fact, I hit the ground running…  running into several rabbit holes!  I had such the bad case of ‘shiny object syndrome'… I was trying everything and anything (but the right things) to get working…  I started talking to my family and then my friends… and before I knew it, I had no one left to talk to.

And what I learned after the hmph time I face-planted to the ground?  Defeat.  It was so bad, I woke up 3am one morning and had to google something.  …”How Does One Grow Your Business Online…” One click led to another, which landed me on a Youtube video by Jim Rohn.  I was clinging to to every word..  and then he said, “You must pour into your personal development..”

Wait.  WHAT?

Pause, rewind, play…  That's was it.  I had not done ONE lick of personal development.  THAT's why my business wasn't growing.  I was treating it like some side hobby.  I was not new to this concept.  I had just forgotten.  I had poured tens of thousands of dollars to receive education for my Doctorate, yet I did nothing to learn the RIGHT skills for my business.  I needed to become the professional…

What's Happening NOW…





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