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How to Become the Leader in YOUR Online Space

These are the steps that you can take to become That Leader in your online space.  Watch my video, it explains it pretty well.  I will list about 8.5 steps that you need to dominate. Do you have the Leadership qualities to BE an Authority in Your Online Space?  Grab a...

Why You Should Be Doing Facebook LIVE, Even If You Are An Introvert

Why let something so trivial hold you back from being the person you need to be! Read more about how you can get over your own mindset... Why do you cringe so at the thought of doing Facebook Lives?  Lol, I KNOW.  This is exactly HOW I felt when I was told at a LIVE...

The Anatomy of a Stellar Blog Post

There is a process when you start out blogging.  I did not have a clue how to do it or how to do it effectively.  I decided to do a 30 day Blog Challenge and oh boy did I learn!  I aim to cut the loose ends and give you the exact components that you need to have...

Network Marketing Tip: 7 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Give You Top Exposure

... and this is without sacrificing your life, sleep, or your firstborn. Social Media is something that has changed the face of Network Marketing. Traditionally, you needed to use the 3 foot method (speak to anyone within 3 feet of you) or as I have even heard the...

Learn and Master the Skills of Content Creation

The Answers here may not be standard or conventional... I don't consider myself a writer. I often find myself speechless in conversations where I have nothing to say. It doesn't take long to realize that in Branding Yourself and Growing an Online Business, there is...

Top 4 Books Every Online Marketer Needs to Read to Gain Respect

Here I will list some MAJOR books to get a Newbie in Online Marketing Authority they are hoping for.  I know we all want to Jump Ahead (or is that Tiger Mom mentality speaking here, lol.)  And I didn't read every single word of every single book.  Some of them I was...

7 Creative Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Implement Now

I'm going to lay it straight here.  We all need Leads.  And we all need Lead Generation.  Where do you start? Like my mentor told me, "Leads are the lifeline of any online business."  When I first heard this, I have to be honest here, I didn't know what that meant!...

Most VALUABLE thing in YOUR Business is…

What is the most VALUABLE thing in your business?  Any guesses? I used to think the most valuable thing in my business was the products! That was when I was a new to the business and I had not learned anything about Attraction Marketing. Once you're on the inside of a...

Best Piece of Advice to Get Instant Authority? Write an E-Book

I Was Shocked at the Answer when I Asked a Mentor What I Needed to do to Build My Business Online.  Write an E-Book.  WHAT?! And By George, if I can do it, you CAN most certainly Do it TOO. First off, I have to say I am by no means a Professional Writer or Prolific...

5 Most Important Positive Habits to be Exceptional

What does it take to be Exceptional?  Take a look at successful people and learn the most important positive habits they adopt to take their lives to another level... Falling in Love With the Process Don't get stuck on the little struggles, the setbacks, or minor...

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