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The Top 4 Digital Tools Online Marketers Need to be TOP NOTCH

As an Online Marketer, you need an arsenal of digital tools to make your day more efficient.  You could get really crazy with all the cool and fun new tools that keep coming out.  To cut to the chase and tell you the necessary tools that you need..  I'll share more in...

Where To Start? That's Easy, Start With YOU.

There is only 1 Thing that is holding you back from exploding YOUR business. Click here if you want to know the secrets these top earners know that you should know... If you are like me, you joined a business not fully knowing what it all entailed. As long as you keep...

How to be the Ultimate Goal Setter in the New Year

Last year, I was still fresh in the entrepreneurial online space.  And to be honest, kind of chasing everything that sparkled.  I was so busy absorbing and throwing myself into what I thought was the latest trend, I didn't even stop to think about my goals. When I...

My Takeaways from a Session with Kim Garst

If you don’t know Kim Garst, you should stop what you are doing and google I had the fortune of sitting in one of her training sessions. She instills confidence as she shares her social media expertise. I learned a lot about my business just by listening...

Morning Affirmations That You Need To Manifest Success (77+ Examples Included)

The less mentioned yet one of the most important necessities needed for your business is... There are 3 Things that are Necessary in the mornings to have a super productive day whether it's activities you need to shuttle to, a business to run, or if you're just...

Network Marketing Tip: 7 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Give You Top Exposure

... and this is without sacrificing your life, sleep, or your firstborn. Social Media is something that has changed the face of Network Marketing. Traditionally, you needed to use the 3 foot method (speak to anyone within 3 feet of you) or as I have even heard the...

What's in Your Morning Routine for Success

Laziness was my best friend.  And that is what kept me broke...  I started to study what it was that Successful Entrepreneurs were doing in their daily routine. That is how I discovered the Morning Routine. I did not have one. I listened to several entrepreneurs'...

Top 4 Books Every Online Marketer Needs to Read to Gain Respect

Here I will list some MAJOR books to get a Newbie in Online Marketing Authority they are hoping for.  I know we all want to Jump Ahead (or is that Tiger Mom mentality speaking here, lol.)  And I didn't read every single word of every single book.  Some of them I was...

Let F.E.A.R. Be Your Best Friend Forever (BFF) Right Now

Truth be told, I didn't realize this but FEAR has been by my side for many years.  It has played a role in becoming who I am today more than I would like to give it credit! It actually means something, which I will list below.. F means you need to FIND Your Lane You...

Don't Know How to Tell Your Story?

It all begins with YOU. Have a story but don't know how to tell it? When you want to get out in the big scary WORLD of social media, you need to be able to tell your story! Believe it or not, I did not realize this. I probably did not have my story together until a...

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