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Let F.E.A.R. Be Your Best Friend Forever (BFF) Right Now

Truth be told, I didn't realize this but FEAR has been by my side for many years.  It has played a role in becoming who I am today more than I would like to give it credit! It actually means something, which I will list below.. F means you need to FIND Your Lane You...

7 Tips to be Productive When Working From Home

Sure working from home sounds nice but the challenges to STAY Productive is the battle. Want to Skyrocket your Productivity? Read these 7 Tips... Have A Daily Plan of Action The most overlooked step in the process!  There is always going to be something else to look...

Do you Know the Science Behind Fear?

If you see Fear standing right in front of you...  instead of avoiding it, go towards Fear.  Greet it with a hand shake, figure out what kind of fear it is, and decide what you will do.  Read about the Science Behind fear... Fear is REAL and It IS What is Holding You...

Why You Should NOT GoTo Live Events

To be honest, there are 100 different reasons why you should NOT goto events.  And all of them are probably excuses because you are afraid to face your fears....     Because You Want to Remain an Amateur Professionals will tell you that even though they may be earning...

How to Succeed in Network Marketing When You're Clueless About Selling

Let's face it, many distributors start in a new MLM every day. Most distributors don't make it, in fact 97% of Network Marketers fail. Why is that?  Sadly, most of them never took the time to learn the right skills, build their mindset, or quit way too early. On the...

Things That You Should NOT Post on your Personal Facebook Page

I see this all the time. Spammy posts that are all over facebook from over zealous marketers. I know this. I used to do this when I was new starting out with my business. I didn't know any better and I was simply doing what I saw everyone else on my team doing! In...

Why Consistency is so Important in Business and in Life

Is this important piece missing in your Life or better yet in your Biz? 3 Tips to put consistency in your Daily Routine for More Success...   Why is Consistency So Important? Since I have been documenting my journey each day...  I can look back and see where I had...

How to Generate Leads While You Are In Carpool

But when I was sitting in carpool and got a notification that I had generated a new lead, just sitting there?!  I just sat there, mouth agape.  #MomHack This happened simply from a Tweet!!   Now, I see Twitter in a whole different light.  I have to admit, I was...

How to Grow Your Audience 500+ on Facebook in Less Than 3 Months [Organic Traffic]

Kim Garst says that if you are not utilizing Social Media for your business you will not have a business in 5 years.  Her statement stunned me because I was exactly the person she was talking about.  I was one of those Facebook profiles with no profile picture, and...

Online Marketing Tip: Strive for the Asian Fail A-

It's not our fault.  You were conditioned to shoot for A+... Now in Online Marketing, it's best to give the Asian Fail (A-). Or maybe that's the culture within my circle of friends, children of immigrant parents from Asia.  They grew up in a highly competitive,...

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