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I should really label this:  10 Things I Used to Hate about the NEW YEAR, LOL.    

And What I did, was turn it around so that I would have the best year EVER.  And You Can too…  No Regrets.
10 Things to Countdown to the Beginning of a STRING of your Best Years to Come in Life and in Your Business.

I want to see you Catapult to the TOP!

1. STOP the Resistance to Change

If this is an issue that you have..  a must read is the The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  If you haven’t read this book, it’s well worth the read.  If you’ve already read it and need a reboot, read it again.  The book is comprised of short passages that hit STRAIGHT to the point, yet very effective in making you stop and think, especially for your business!  This is the question that keeps popping in my mind, ”Am I doing this?”  or I need to stop thinking this way or I have to eliminate this Evil.  To make it in this space, you need to build yourself up to be an expert (authentically of course).  Keep reading, I will share with you the fastest way to achieve this.


2. What’s your CRUTCH?  Toss it to the Curb.  It Doesn't Really Exist.

Do you want to do digital marketing for your business yet don’t have technical skills?
Don’t let that **something hold you back.  For me, I thought I was too old to switch careers.  I had had a successful career as a Physical Therapist.  16 YEARS!  Just paid off those hefty loans.  Yet, I felt stuck, bored, or maybe even wanting something even MORE.  A need to have more impact in this world, not just in my town!  I didn’t let the idea of not having a background in marketing or techy skills keep me from giving it a go.  You see, while most millennials grew up with a smartphone or the internet… When I was in college, only 1 kid had this cell phone and it was his parents’ phone and a HUNKER of a thing. 

We were lucky if our parents helped us purchase a desktop that had dial up capability.  And boy it kicked you off all the time.  By the end of college, I was at least hooked up with ethernet in my dorm… so I wouldn’t have to make the trek across campus to use a computer lab to complete my projects or assignments.

DO you think starting an online business was intimidating?  You betcha, but I promised myself that I would learn and learn, I am doing.

            Tip: Do you need some techy skills and want to learn at your own pace?  Yup, You can have your cake and eat it too.

3. Start Living HAPPY and it will Follow You.

I sat myself down and thought to myself what would make me happy?  To be able to have free weekends.  Starting out in the healthcare field..  I had the worst possible position at the hospital I worked out.  Out of 80 therapists, I was probably 4 or 5 who got the Tuesday thru Saturday shift.  That mean that 1/2 of my weekend was taken commuting to work, spending it in a low staffed hospital for 8 hours and going home completely exhausted, not having sat more than 5 minutes all day.  Though I was promised a 1 year stint, as you can imagine no one else wanted that position and tied to the benefits, I toiled in that position for 3 years.  That’s 52 x 3 Saturdays that I missed out hanging out with friends, going out to explore NYC with my newly married husband, and missing out on outdoor adventures!  What I learned from that experience was this.  Weekends are precious and I vowed that I would NEVER work a weekend for the rest of my life.  I had served my time for a lifetime!  So when taking on a new venture, I wanted to make sure that my weekends were reserved for my family and friends and creating new experiences through adventures.  As the online experience became more and more fun, I did start to see it creeping into my weekends.  I had to put a stop to it, even though it was fun for me.  And it wasn’t until I had my 7 yo make a request on a beautifully drawn card telling me that she missed me and would I make some time to play with her that I had my REALITY Check.  So don't schedule anything on the weekends if that is your HAPPY time.

4. STOP Doing the Things That Keep You Stuck.

I started to notice, when I feel STUCK, I turn to certain activities, almost on auto pilot…  These things tend to be mindless stuff.   For me, it's television.  I can watch TV Show Episodes back to back for hours and not even notice the time.  I didn't even notice this was my vice.  When I could not figure out something technical, it's very easy to switch to a TV Show and completely zone out.  Maybe for you it's something else?  

Once i figured out that was wasting my time and learned my ‘what NOT to do list’ I found that my time working became 3x more productive in my business. That doesn’t mean I don't go into zombie mode and binge watch my favorite tv shows.  I save it for a time when I can do that and it does not interfere with my most productive time.


5. Set aside time for RECHARGE

Such an important lesson to learn and most difficult to do.  We tend to ignore OUR self needs.  When you're own personal needs are met, you are actually more productive, and more present to able to help others.  This is a forgotten lesson most of us know but maybe forget from time to time.  Luckily, I happen to sitting in the right place at the right time on Sunday when my pastor who taught us the importance of taking time to ReCharge.  When you do, the possibilities of being an effective servant is that much more when you have more of yourself to give.  Take that full body massage, hike up the mountains (day trip) for meditation, or overnight korean spa package (with sauna and hot tub! I highly recommend this!).  You are Worth it.


6. Do that THING that Scares you the MOST

Just get THAT THING out of you way.  Or else, it will always be lingering over your head.  Guess what?  You’ll find out that the truth behind that fear and you’ll see… it wasn’t that bad.  And that you CAN handle it.  You’ll see, your confidence will soar.  You will be victorious.  You will know what you are capable of and you will be elevated to another level.  Just to share about a particular individual who made it a Habit to do something he feared for 100 DAYS.  What did he fear most?  REJECTION.  The word itself makes me cringe and I could feel that salty warm taste at the back of my throat.  The kind when you're just about to upchuck.  Watch his video, it's pretty entertaining.  He was able to write a best seller from experience and also create a sizable income from what he did.  Not bad.

7. Dive Deep Within YOU 

This for me was a HUGE roadblock and what probably kept me stuck for 2 years!!  Dealing with the inner me and all the layers of protection I had built up over 40 years.. It was tough tapping into that inner child!  But this is CRUCIAL if you want to be free and grow in life, your relationships, and even your business!  Forever grateful that the way God has orchestrated this process in my life, it was obviously in its perfect timing, though I wish that I had this epiphany moment 20 years ago.  I know for a fact, that I was NOT receptive for it then, nor was my mind, spirit ready to this radical thought change.  I needed the accumulation of falling into my pit of despair in order for me to see that I needed help.

I will share with you this, as it is a key component of why i stand here, why I have this blog, why I exist in today’s world!


8. Get the Body That You Want.

And it will do the things you need it to do to get you somewhere.  This is a question that you need to constant return to.  If you are not in shape, how are you going to finish the race strong?  Entrepreneurs know this is especially true.  It’s easy to be sedentary being on the computer or being on the phone.  You could easily fall into skipping meals and skipping important daily tasks like going outside for fresh air.  The truth is, the evolution of an entrepreneur eventually returns to the idea they must BE the well-oiled machine to keep the engine running.  If you listen to podcasts with entrepreneurs, you will start to pick up this theme.  When they give advice, it’s generally circles back to morning routine or keeping in shape.  And it’s not to have the best body to be a model.  It’s to drive oxygen throughout the body and brain.  Why?  That is where 80% of your productivity comes from.  Why do you want that?  Read the next point.

Tip: How I was able to finally drop those last pesky 12 lbs and keep it off for the last 3 years AND have the Productivity to Drive my Business Daily…

9. Come to the Realization that you have a Beautiful Mind and that you need to Cultivate That.

Pouring continuously into your mind will not only reap you the benefits in the long term, but money or time is NEVER wasted when you do this success hack.  Think about it, every professional had to have read a book or studied something to get where they are.  Why don’t we treat our business like a profession?  If you’re smart, you’ll learn quickly that you need to invest in that beautiful brain of yours.  Whether it is through courses, through books, or through a private tutor..  All the top leaders are doing it.  All the top earners are doing this.  It is a non-negotiable in order to reach higher heights in whatever you aspire to do.  This is why everyone is always encouraged to further learning in any profession you come across.

Tip: Want to know where you can access the biggest library for online marketers?  Yeah, this is where the 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs hang out.  You can too.


10. Give YOURSELF Credit.

You’ve come a long way baby.  We all started as little babes in life.  We needed to be fed, have our butts wiped, carried around… some of us even needed to be rocked to sleep!  How did we become the beautiful humans that we are today?  How did we become the unique individuals and grow up?  Yes, because we learned a skill and implemented it.  Most of us learned to walk and can get from point A to B.  Maybe not be the most pretty walkers or ready for the runway, but we can do it!  How did we do it?  Did someone just tell us to do it and then we stood up against gravity had the balance and did it?  NO. We probably fell 30x a day before it happened.  We all have a voice within us.  No matter if we are extreme extroverts or carefully-placed-word introverts.  We learned to go from babbling to communicating through pointing, making sounds that got our parents’ attention.  We heard our family speaking and processed those sounds.  Eventually put some sounds together, starting with a vocabulary of 2-3 words and then accumulating a vocabulary inventory of 50 words by age 2.  Point is, we innately are able to learn and acquire new skills.  We all got to the point where we are making decisions for ourselves to push our lives forward.  Yes, YOU did it.  Not someone else!  So give yourself some credit for the wonderful things that you have done and WILL do going forward.  Let us see YOU and what you are completely capable of doing to impact this world around you!

10 Things You Need To Catapult Your Online Business

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