Not quite ready to hire a virtual assistant yet for your Network Marketing Biz?  Yeah, I know that all too well.

Honestly, it's good to have your social media marketing plan up and running before you train someone to take over the tasks you can step away from.

Do you feel overwhelmed with your marketing right now?  Not sure which tasks are keeping your busy but not driving the sales portion of your business?  I know all too well that ‘busy' feeling but not really the right ‘busy' actions…


DIY Your Marketing Pin me?


Here's some hacks you can borrow to get you going until you can step away and relinquish some of those tasks to a budding marketing student or perhaps an eager intern.


17 Ways You Can DIY Your Marketing Until You Get a VA

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Here we go, in no particular order…

1. Take Your Own Photos with your Smart Phone


2. Post on Facebook 1-2 times per day Sharing Your Journey


3. Write Interesting Posts that Leave Your Viewers Captivated


4. Create Eye-Catching Images with Canva (totally free!)


5. Do a Facebook Live a 1-3 times a week


6. Teach what you learn to others –  Do a ‘How to‘ Video!!


7. Create Your Own Youtube Channel – Be the Next Rising Superstar


8. Write an E-Book About Your Journey So Far and Share It


9. Document Lifestyle Pictures with Instagram


10. Start up a Weekly Newsletter Sharing Your Experiences and Findings


11. Start a Facebook Group for Those Wanting to Connect


12. Create Videos on Your IPhone and Edit with IMovie


13. Start a Blog To House Your Beautiful Content


14. Tweet Inspirational Quotes


15. Create a Helpful Cheatsheet (freebie) to Share


16. Barter Services with Another Entrepreneur and Serve One Another


17. Take on interns who are interested in learning marketing


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Stay tuned for another blogpost with more ideas to DIY Your Marketing…

Your Biggest Fan,



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