In order to grow your following, or build your fanbase, it isn't about the # followers or friends on Facebook.

The truth of the matter in this totally crowded and noisy online space or niche, you need to become an Influencer.

How, exactly does that happen???  Read on, I will share with you my best 3 ways to gain authority in your niche quickly.   You don't have to wait years or add another degree to do this…


Ways to Gain Authority in Your Niche

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Create a Blog Specific for Your Niche!

A blog signifies a certain level of commitment and seriousness about sharing your knowledge.  Let's face it, knowledge is the most powerful and valuable thing that can be transferred from one person to another.

Starting a blog is very easy but to sustain a highly impressionable blog that continuously gives value to the readers is where the work is.  This takes consistency, love of the process, and generous heart to share.

You can bring into light you particular strengthens, your struggles, and found out more of what your audience wants to know about and learn about from you!

When you draw upon your own experiences, you are essentially carving out your particular niche and making it unique!

By being the owner of your blog, you are the creative director and in return you gain:

  • Status of someone who has gained knowledge, walked the path, and able to share experience
  • Authority in the particular topic of interest and a path of success
  • Someone who has developed skill that can alter or shape someone else's life for the better


Gain Authority


Become the Person at the Front of the Class

I don't mean the best student who sits out front to learn but the person who is standing in front of the class teaching.  In fact, there is no guarantee where you sit in the class will get you success faster.

The Expert or teacher has a position of authority and respect for a very good reason.  They possess the very thing that the students covet.

And that is KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is power.

Experts have the ability to distribute that knowledge to a student and therefore, raise the value of a person dramatically.  Maybe what you will teach can change the course of someone's life or their business.  It's your duty and privilege to teach that information to your students!

Watch my video below where I share what I learned from someone I consider a teacher by reading an excerpt from his book…


Pivot: Make that Mental ShiftGain Authority

Newsflash:  You do not need a degree or extensive training to be a teacher.  In fact, someone I have taken a Marketing Bootcamp taught an acronym ILT.  You guys who know Ray Higdon, know this because he has preached it several times!

Invest.  Learn.  Teach.

He shares all the time how when you invest in yourself, learn the material, and turn around and teach it, you will become the authority in your space very easily.

All it takes to do this is the flip the switch from someone who is Beta to someone who is Alpha.

I have learned this from Mike Dillard (legendary marketer I have had the fortune to hear speak live at an event) and from reading his book Magnetic Sponsoring.  Watch my video below as I read an excerpt from his book.

We all start out as Betas, and that is right where we are supposed to be.  Betas seek knowledge, are amateurs, and beginning their journey.

At some point, if you want to grow a business and take it to the next level you need to make the shift to an Alpha.  An Alpha is someone who is a leader from the core.  Anyone can become an Alpha.  It doesn't take years or multiple letters after your name.  What it takes is a mental shift and GRIT.


3 Ways To Gain Authority in Your Niche

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Now you know what it takes to Gain Authority in Your Niche you have no excuses!  There are several ways to do this, but in my opinion, these three can make you stand out as the Alpha in Your Space.  Even an introvert can do this!  Go!


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Ways to Gain Authority Niche


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