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Is this important piece missing in your Life or better yet in your Biz? 3 Tips to put consistency in your Daily Routine for More Success…


Why is Consistency So Important?

Since I have been documenting my journey each day…  I can look back and see where I had bouts of spikes and where the lows are.  Where I saw the spikes, was when I was having a ton of consistency in my business actions.  Consistent action is needed to remain in momentum.

When I analyzed the lows, I also noted that my consistency was at the lowest.  This is why more marketers fail.  They lack consistency or they are unable to find that simple system that works for them to remain consistent.  I know this for a fact, and that is why I was unable to launch properly when I started in Network Marketing.


Tip #1:  Consistency is Taking BiteSize Chunks and Executing Daily.

This concept is a lot more achievable when your aim is to grow an audience to speak to about your opportunity.  Am I right?
For example, you need to work backwards.

Have you heard that “The Devil is in the Details.”  This saying is SO true when you stop to analyze what the executable steps that are necessary to implement in you business on a daily basis.  It's not the big ticket items that you need.  It's the small things.  Other leaders will have built an Empire on a lot less.  It's doable. It comes down to the small simple steps that not just anyone will keep doing… day in and day out.

Do you have consistency in your daily actionable plan?  Take a blank schedule and write down the activities that bring your the most $$$.  Then make sure you fit it into your schedule everyday.  Block out that time and make sure you execute on these items everyday.  If you are consistent in doing these activities, in a 30 day period, you will have completed this 30-fold.  You will see growth.


Tip #2: Make your Content Work for You:  Is it Evergreen?

Whatever it is that you are doing, whether it's Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, Twitter Posts, or better yet Blog posts.  Be sure to have it housed somewhere for evergreen content.  That means that it's relevant beyond the day that it was created and somewhere someone can read or access anytime.  A blog is a great place to hold your Valuable content for readers to goto on their time.

I was creating content daily and putting it on a social media platform like Facebook and realized I wanted to access my own stuff to share and found it difficult to do!  I finally got smart and took those informational videos and put them on Youtube and also link it to my blog.

Social Media Platforms are not owned by you.  They are subject to being shut down at any moments notice.  I have seen others in Facebook Jail and even top earners have had their Youtube Channel shut down.  What happens to all that content that you carefully created when that happens?  You have to start at bottom again and start over.


Tip #3: No Matter What, Get Back In the Game

Know that in any endeavor, there are ups and downs.  There are times when you've fallen off the wagon and there are times you have spurts of massive action.  When you are at one of the low points, don't dwell, don't even stop to think.  Just pick up and jump back in.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to ramp back up.  Consistency, consistency, consistency, is the cure for not losing momentum!

We all experience this and we all have to deal with it.  Know that it is coming and have a plan to put in place when it does happen.  If you need an accountability partner OR you need a system that works. Maybe it's a checklist, maybe it's a notebook with lists…  Whatever it may be, have something concrete to reference so that you can fall back to that immediately when you feel you are slipping.

It's better to jump back and take action and stay consistent, than to sit there in complete paralysis mode.


Why Consistency is So Important in Business and in Life for Success

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Go After Your Dreams,
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