Twitter might not be an obvious social media platform you think of when starting out in network marketing, affiliate marketing or online marketing.

If you haven't started out on this, do pay attention, for Tweeting may become a second favorite platform for you, especially when you can do it with Speed!

Go ahead!  Watch the easy steps to create your Tweets right away.


Create Visual Tweets with Speed

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How to Create Visual Tweets with Speed

The tool of choice that I use is Canva.  You can use any image tool that you feel comfortable with.  I am going to share with Canva because it's free and anyone can utilize this tool.  Of course you can use the principle with any software that you use.

I usually do this with the exact number of steps I've laid out.

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I love to share motivational quotes or inspirational quotes.  I know that a positive mind can go a long way and so I want to encourage others in the same space as me.



First, get your quotes on a Text Editor so that they are ready to go.

Load up images that you've selected loaded up on Canva or choose from the free images provided by Canva.  Make sure that the images you use are Royalty-free images.

You can find royalty-free images on several websites.  Don't just grab them from a google search, because they may be copyrighted.  A few websites I use are: Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.


Visual Tweets with Speed


Make it POP

I always think about contrast, between the image and the quote, it's really important that the words POP.   

For that reason, that is why I create a color box that goes behind the text.  This way, no matter what image you choose, you will be sure that your quote or text will be seen and not lost in the image.

You can sharpen the image by using a filter if you like!  Some influencers even use the same filter every time for more brand awareness.

Another way to get the quote to pop or focus on certain words is to change the font color.

When you're sharing a quote, it's always best practice to give the originator credit.

Visual Tweets with Speed

Brand Your Stuff

Brand your image quote so that if it's shared, then people will know how to find you!   You can do this one of two ways, if you have a logo, you can add the logo to your image or if you have a website, you can easily add a text box and drop your website on the image.

Last, I make sure my creation is saved and then I simply ‘Make a copy' and use my image quote as a template and drop another quote and picture in the next one!  Easy peasy right?!

It doesn't really get any easier than that!


Tweet in Your Sleep

Now that you have all your beautiful and branded content ready to share with your audience.  Share EFFECTIVELY.  

But Elaine, I don't have time to be on my phone and use my thumbs to tweet throughout the day.  

That's why you need a tool to help you post at the best times (which you can set).  

I use Socialoomph.  (check it out, it's pretty easy to use.)  It's kind of like having a virtual assistant.  

The creation and direction of your marketing is yours and should be consistent with your vision.  However, posting your content can be managed by a tool.  

You can set what days, what times, how often you want your beautiful tweets to be shared.  

Trust me, as a Momma of two, this has made life a whole lot better for me!  I can be present for all my kids' activities without missing a beat in my marketing.  Gamechanger!


Your biggest fan,

Create Visual Tweets with Speed


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Create Tweets with Speed

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