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What does it mean to think in Abundance?

I kept hearing this advice from one top leader to another.
How do you develop this philosophy of thinking?
The world is fully invested in ‘what's in it for me?' mentality…


What is the definition of Abundance Mentality or an Abundance Mindset?

According to google search, Stephen Covey put forth the terminology meaning ‘a business concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and success to share with others.

To understand this further, let's contrast it with the Scarcity Mindset.  This type of mindset where you are afraid someone might take things from us, wonder if we have enough, or super protective of our material, money, or even our time.  This type of mentality leads to anxiety and fear.

To develop a mindset of Abundance, you need to understand it, embrace it, and use it.  As with any skill acquired, if you don't use it, you lose it.


Be Happy Where You Are Right Now

What are some examples of thinking in abundance?  Start putting this more in your daily mentality and put it on repeat and you will develop the Mindset of a Top Leader…

– Be Satisfied with what you DO have.
– What you have be ready to let go of what is it that you possess.
– Think Forward – by paying it forward.

Someone has helped you, how can you help the next person in the chain.  The power of a Positive Mindset is contagious!


Make an Investment in Yourself this Week  Develop Your Mind of Abundance

Our money is not our own.  Accept it and deal.
Money is fleeting and perhaps it will purchase you nice things but in the end we don't take our possession with us.
You cannot put your hope in money.  It doesn't belong to us anyways.

Instead, pour into your knowledge.  Knowledge is powerful and it is something that will go further in this lifetime.
Hop on a Webinar, Attend a Workshop, Take an Online course, Get that Book.  Let this be a continuous fountain
quenching that thirst

A common theme in successful leaders is personal development.  They repeatedly attribute their success to this habit.


Take a step further — Give Something Away Today

Even if it's a dollar.
You will show that you can be detached to money.


Show Gratitude or Give Thanks

Be thankful to anyone who has done something for you or helped you today.
Send a thankful message, write a thank you card, if you want, make a call just to thank that person, or do something nice for that person.

The display of appreciation is super powerful.

Write down a list of things you are Grateful for, here are some examples of affirmations I have on my list:
…  I am Thankful For the money that I do have..  to have food on the table everyday.
…  I have enough money to purchase books for me to read.

for more on this, watch the video below and other videos subscribe to my channel.


4 Ways to Develop Abundance Mentality

Want to Invest in that Beautiful Mind?  I'll share with you the Bottomless Pit of Personal Development right HERE.

Be Your Best Each and Every Day,
Your Biggest Fan,


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