Let's face it.  There is so much buzz and noise on Social Media This Every Minute.  Social Media moves so quickly that you need to stand out and be so irresistible that people can't help but want what you have!

Content creation is an art form.  Not only do you need to have all the right elements, you need to captivate your audience.


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The following elements are what I have collected as the necessary components for a KickButt Lead Magnet.


1. Be Specific In What You Have To Offer

You need a highly valuable lead magnet for your consumer to provide an email address to receive what you have to offer!!

Share the benefits of your offer. How is your offer going to dramatically improve a problem that they have or be a solution to an issue they are tackling?

Your lead magnet must be congruent with what you are offering. If you are sharing “Best Scripts to Drive Sales” for example, be sure to share it in a format that is easily to be utilized, like a PDF, not a video where people will need to transcribe the scripts.

Keep it brief and to the point!

Kickbutt Lead Magnet


2. What is Your Target Market Searching For?

Think about what your ideal customer needs.

Put yourself in their shoes and really see from their view what they are wondering.  If you were your ideal customer, what would you be dying to know about?

What would be the very thing that you are searching for?  Dig deep for this answer.


3. Do Something Different or UniqueKickButt Lead Magnet

Now that you know what your audience needs, serve them with something different than what you've seen out there.

Put your spin on something.

Share authentically what you have experienced, even if it was bad!

Be honest, and then show them how you were able to turn a situation around and give the step-by-step tutorial to accomplish just that!


4. Make Sure It Solves The Biggest Problem

What is the biggest problem that keeps your audience awake at night?

For example, if you are in weight loss, what might keep people up at night is how am I going to lose the weight and keep it off long term?  Do you have a solution to help them with that?

Perhaps you have a step-by-step guide for your audience to help them achieve this goal!  Share it because this is what they are dying to know!

If you're dying to know my solution to this problem, take a look here.


5. Make Sure The Format Is Easy To Consume


Lead Magnet


Here are a few questions that you may need to think about and answer….

What format are you going to create for your lead magnet?
Is your market going to want a cheatsheet for quick reference?
Will they need to see the process step-by-step through a video format?
Are they readers and prefer to have a book that contains all the detailed information?


6. Create a Headline That Turns Heads

This particular point is very important for sure.  This element is by far the most important.   So much so, perhaps I should have put it up top.  In the sea of so much information that is readily available…

You have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your consumer.

Will your headline create your market to do a double take?  If it does, you've successfully succeeded in marketing!

Spend some time with the headline and tweak it until it is the best that you can come up with.  If you need more tips, be sure to read How to Write Captivating Headlines.


7. Take a Step Back, Squint Your Eyes, and Look to See What Pops

Is it so Irresistible that YOU can't help but want to grab it too?  Then you've done a good job!

The cover to your lead magnet or your images to grab attention needs to evoke emotion and cut straight to the heart.

Let's face it.  Emotions move the heart.  And those heartstrings lead to others taking action.

It's true, according to Neil Patel, you've got to craft a Lead Magnet that your customers simply cannot ignore!


7 Must-Have Elements for Your Kickbutt Lead Magnet

To check out all 7 Elements in action, be sure to checkout my Perfect Lead Magnet and click below to get your copy.

Kickbutt Lead Magnet


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