When the lightbulb went off above my head, I knew that I needed to take action. And take action daily. But what do I do? I remember sitting at my desk, not sure where to start, what actions did I need to make, or what am I supposed to be doing? As I sat there at the desk with my head in my hands, I heard a voice in my head (it sounded a lot like Ray Higdon's voice).

“Start talking about your journey. Talk about your struggles. Your experience.” Free Content

That's one place where you get content from, a LOT of content, a WHOLE journey of content.

You NEED a blog if you want your content to be SAFE.  I learned this the hard way, having been put in Facebook Jail a few times…  Since creating this BLOG to house my content, I have not had any issues at all!

Now the issue is, WHERE to get Content for my blog.  Do you struggle with this too?  I want to have content for my blog that is useful for my readers.  When I found out this little secret, I have not had trouble finding content.  Actually, I have the opposite problem now.  I have a lot of content and not enough time to put my content on my blog!

Do you want to have an over abundance of content for your blog?  Of course, you can get it right here.  Be ready for a lot of massive information!!

Here are the top places to find content for your blog and your readers:

Where to Find FREE and Unlimited Content for your Posts



Hope this was helpful to you!!  We are in this together!
Your Biggest Fan,



What makes really good content?  This is something I will talk about that next!  Be sure to check out my Facebook Page right HERE.


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