Maybe to some of you, this is an easy feat.  I can tell you from my experience, this was very much a road ladened with large rocks, sandpits, and a few big ugly crying moments, just like Niagra Falls.

You see, once I learned the process to generate a lead, then I set a goal to generate 10 leads in one day.  Yup, setting the goals pretty high here.  Lol.

Not only did I surpass my goal, I obliterated it by more than double!  Thanks to my mentors and the community that I'm a part of.

I'm going to share exactly how this happened.


Leads in one day

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#1 Build An Audience

In the beginning of my whole online experience, I did not have an audience.  I probably only had about 200 family and friends on facebook.  When I shared an opportunity, I really didn't have much response… at all.

I jumped into an intensive Marketing Workshop and the very first question that was asked was,”Who is building an audience?”  I believe I was the only one who did not raise my hand.  I had no idea that was what I was supposed to be doing!

Needless to say, I threw myself into building my audience daily and in 90 days, I had grown an audience over 900 however, I have to say that if I was to do it over again.  I would be more selective of who that audience was.  Now my audience has grown over 17k+ across several areas.

I didn't know my target audience yet and now I know exactly how to hone my particular audience further.  That only comes with time.

The more detailed you are about your perfect avatar, the clearer you will be about what they need.


27 Leads in a Day


#2 Make a Meaningful Connection with Your Audience

Once you've made a connection, one way you can keep deepening this relationship is to continue to give VALUE.  

What does that mean?

As you continue on this journey, learn the successes and the pitfalls, you will tweak what processes are working for you and which processes aren't working.  Share the tips and advice for others to learn from. 

This can be in a form of a video, blog post, or even snapshot of your analytics.  

If you like to write, you can put it into a report form and share it out to your audience, thus they can review it over and over again. 

When you continually provide valuable content, your audience will be wanting to come back to more. 

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#3 Serve, Serve, Serve Your Audience27 Leads in a Day

It's not about you.

You have to become the servant leader who is generous with your time, resources, and your knowledge!  Be the teacher in order to serve your people with solutions to the questions that they have.

It is ok if you do not have all the answers.  Be the resourceful person by continuously investing in your knowledge and experience.  Direct others to books you have consumed, or others who you can refer to with more expertise to handle the advanced questions.  You can even at this point, create an offer, perhaps a free offer.

So, once you have started steps 1 & 2, then when you share your offer, that is how you get 27 leads in one day (or possibly more!).

You will have the knowledge or experience at this time, this very minute to implement this plan.  

Yes!  I'm talking to you!


27 Leads in a Day



From Zero Leads to 27 Leads In One Day

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