Do you ever wonder what it is that certain people have stardom with Facebook Live? Read on to find out more information..

Facebook Lives are NOT as scary as one thinks they are.  And I can say this as a COMPLETE introvert here.  I get asked ALL the time, how I am doing my Facebook Lives.  Thank you all out there who have been watching because I just love putting out the stuff without all the fluff for ya.

I aim to share my exact Game Plan for my Facebook Lives.  When I first started to do my Facebook Lives March of 2017, I didn't know what to talk about.  Clearly, I had NO clue about lighting!  To be honest, I didn't even know how to find the Live Button?!  How do you get your Fans to Jump Up and Down?  I'll share with you…

If you don't know me, I am also an INTROVERT.  I didn't like people taking pictures of me or for me…  I didn't even like taking selfies (and still don't really!).   Com'on, pull up your big girl britches and let's DO THIS.  You keep asking for free traffic well this is it!

If you think about it, the ONLY thing that is holding you back?  Is in YOUR head.  So get that mindshift, and Just DO it!

Step 1:  Do a Facebook Live on a Topic that keeps popping up!

Stick to something you are VERY familiar with and can talk endlessly about.  Chances are if it's in line with your passions, you will have something to say about it, even if you're nervous.  If you're comfortable with turning the camera on, then address a question that you know your audience is facing.  For example, if you're a health buff like me, you might want to talk about what you're eating or if you're a mommy on the run, what a yummae shake that takes 2 minutes to blend up is going to keep you energized for your day of errands!  Simple right?

If you need a list of topics to start out with on your Facebook Lives, Grab mine here.  I keep this printed by my desk for quick reference all the time.

Step 2: Research the topic to share with your fans.

I get a lot of the topics for my Lives from Questions that I get throughout the week.  If it seems like a valid question and of interest, I use to read articles, research some facts or statistics, or maybe a reputable quote.  Though most people have google search at their disposal, they prefer to get the information instantly and from either video or audio.  People are super busy with their lives to stop and find the research.  Unless they are total nerds like me.

Gather 3-5 main points and go with it.  Listen, take it from me, people don't want a novel or noble prize worthy boring speech.

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Step 3:  Let your topic marinate in your head.  Write a few small points on a Sticky note.

You can SKIP this step if you're totally PRO but I haven't fully developed my skills in talking off the cuff easily.  I need things to internalize in my brain for moment because when it does, then I can speak from the heartAuthenticity sells.  And if it's information that I care about, it sure is a lot easier to do this!  So if it's not something of interest to you, go back to Step 1.  No harm in starting the process over.  The more you go through this process, the easier it will become, and the better you become.

Step 4: Jump Up and Down 5 times to get blood flowing and UP your energy!

This is the science-head speaking here.  The brain works more efficiently and is sharp when it has more oxygen.  Quickest way to get oxygen to the brain is pumping action through your blood.  So best thing to do is physically pump that blood to your brain!  I used to do push ups, and don't ask me why I picked that.  But I found, if I was going to go LIVE in a public area, it's gonna be weird if I drop and do 10.  SO, what I found to be better option is jumping up and down 5x.

I did not make this up.  If you have ever watched “I am Not Your Guru.” with Tony Robbins (it's on Netflix!), he is being documented on what happens in one of his live events.  If you watch closely, before he goes on stage, he has a trampoline right behind the curtain back stage.  He jumps up and down on that trampoline just a few seconds before he goes on stage!!!  To up his blood flow, up his excitement level, to transfer that energy to his crowd!!!  And if you've seen his crowd, you'd know what that kind of excitement does!!  It's magnetic!

Step 5: Then just HIT the LIVE Button

This step is CRUCIAL.  Don't even think.  Have everything set up to GO and then just HIT the LIVE button.  Don't worry if you're hair is messy.  You haven't showered in 3 days.  You don't even have make up on.  Or, you're still in your house clothes?!?!   People will not care.  People will love you even more.  Just SHOW UP and be consistent.  If you want tips on how you can be Facebook Live Ready as soon as you wake up, read here.

YOUR audience is waiting!

My Game Plan For Facebook Live That Will Get Your Fans Jumping Up and Down

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I cannot wait to see you jumping up and down because then I know you will be going LIVE!
Your Biggest Fan,


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