Kim Garst says that if you are not utilizing Social Media for your business you will not have a business in 5 years.  Her statement stunned me because I was exactly the person she was talking about.  I was one of those Facebook profiles with no profile picture, and less than 200 friends…  How was I going to grow my audience on Facebook?  I didn't have the guts to do Paid Ads and I wanted to drive organic traffic?!

Start Where You Are and Grow a Raving Audience

Growing an audience if you are new to a platform is not an easy task!  Then running a business utilizing a social media platform is even more difficult.  The worst thing you can do is attempt to do this across several social media platforms and at best be mediocre in every single one.  That is just a huge time vacuum and waste of your energy.


Grow Audience Facebook


Pick One Platform and Master It

If you were to choose one platform, first, go with where your intended audience is.  If that is Facebook, I would start there.  I personally think this is one of the powerful tools you can utilize for a business.  If you haven't chosen one platform yet, go with Facebook.  If have already built an audience on another platform, go and study that particular platform and continue building there.

Despite the constant algorithm changes, push to use paid Facebook Ads, and the monitors out there that will put you in Facebook Jail (believe me, I've been there a few times!), it still continues to be the most interactive platform to reach people in your niche.


Why Facebook, you Ask?  Why Not Facebook?Grow Audience Facebook Organic Traffic

Look at the Facebook Stats…
Functionalities on Facebook have a large reach whether you are utilizing images, video (highly recommend), posts, etc.  You can reach a greater audience with organic traffic as well as paid traffic.

– At anytime there are 2 billion users on Facebook at one time.
– Fact is that Facebook is becoming the choice of viewers as videos are becoming more popular.
– You can scale your business exposure on Facebook and have interaction with your viewers as well.
– What other platform can you have you own tv show AND interact with your audience in real time?


So How Do You Effectively Grow an Audience or Facebook Friends??

This was my question last year when I was growing my business and wanting to broaden my reach beyond my small group of friends (<200) on Facebook.  Some of you might think this odd, but I actually attended a workshop to do just this.  Believe it or not, I thought I could grow a profitable business with just 200 friends on my Facebook.  That simply just wasn't true!

No matter what platform you choose, the first step is to Build An Audience.


The Science Behind Facebook

Did you know there is actually a Science to growing an audience on your Facebook Profile?  YES.  Grow too quickly the wrong way and land yourself in Facebook Jail (happened to me!).  Be afraid to reach out to your audience and stifle your growth all together.  If you are planning on utilizing Social Media to Grow your Business, you actually have to Be Social!!

So, what can you do within Zuckerburg's crazy and ever changing algorithms?  I show you step by step how to connect with people.  EVEN if you're an extreme introvert, just like me.

Now, these are the exact steps on how I was able to grow my audience 500+ in less than 3 months.  Mind you, I am a momma of 2 girls (and seriously driving around town to activities all the time).  I don't really have time to sit down at the computer so this is growing organically with as much time as I could put in given the nooks and crannies of my day.

Grab the webinar below!  Trust me, if this non-techie Mom can do it, anybody can!


How to Grow Your Audience 500+ on Facebook in Less Than 3 Months [Organic Traffic]

Hop on to my online course where I show you EXACTLY the steps, look over my shoulder..  that I use to grow my Facebook Audience every day.

Grow Your Facebook Audience with Organic Traffic


Grow Facebook Organic Audience

See?  Isn't as scary as you think right?
This strategy is a tried and true methodology I utiilize in my business every. single. day.
I learned this inside one of the best marketing training platforms.
All it takes is to learn and apply.
What will you learn and apply today?

Your Biggest Fan,


Craving for more learning JUST like this one?  Get access to the full Marketing Training System I use.

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