I know what you're thinking..  How can I create from scratch, a head turning image when I don't have a creative bone in my body?

Lol, it's a lot easier than you think!

Create Eye-Catching Images Brand


If I told you, you could have your 8 year old do it for you, would you believe me?  I'm serious!  When I showed this to my 8 year old, she took over control of my computer and started creating her own images that same afternoon?!

Technology has made it super simple to create eye-catching images!!  Just sayin'!  Though I am not a graphic designer or artist by professional trade, I know what is appealing to me.

If you can figure out what you're attracted to, whether it's a magazine cover that urges you to pick it up from the stand to read further, then you're qualified to create your own images!

I am going to share with you the simple 3 step process I go through to create award winning images for free!


Create a Swipe File

When you see something that speaks to you, jot it down, take a screenshot, or take a pic.  This can become part of your swipe file.   A swipe file is a place where you can store things that are inspirational to you.

This is where you can get ideas, styles, design for your own images.  These aren't meant to be copied verbatim or just taken for personal use.  You should be very aware of copyrighted material.

Quick money tip:  While at the grocery store, snap a few photos of magazine covers that catch your attention!  Magazines like Cosmopolitan spend thousands of dollars to hire the best creative designers and writers for their covers.


Don't try to reinvent the wheel - Just work on making it better than anyone else. - John Miur Click To Tweet


Don't Reinvent the Wheel, Become a Curator

There are a ton of great inspirational stuff out there already, unless you're confident to create your own quotes, it's perfectly fine to share a quote as long as you give the originator acknowledgement and credit.

You do not need to take photojournalistic style photos with expensive camera equipment or have post-production software.  There are plenty of sites that provide royalty free pictures for free, just for creatives like you and me to share.

Here are a few of my favorite places to find them:

Your Phone…   Yes, get those beautiful selfies out!


Choose Your Personal Style or FlairCreating Eye-Catching Images

With some nice lighting, and this can be natural lighting, taking some photos of you.  You can even ask someone to take them for you on your phone.  These days phones have a pretty good camera.

Or you can ask a really nice neighbor to take your photos for you.  That's what I did!

You can simply apply a filter, a certain font, or particular color scheme.  If you aren't sure or haven't developed your Personal Brand yet and need some clarity with that, grab my cheatsheet here.

There are some additional ways to project your personal style or flair to your images.  Here are a few examples:
– your logo
– your website
– particular font
– particular template for your images

I know, there are a lot of choices.  If you are indecisive in choosing your style, it's ok, the most important thing is to start creating content.  Your personal brand will morph as you develop your style.


How to Create Eye-Catching Images for Your Brand

Yes!  It's super easy to have an unending stream of Branded Images for YOUR marketing.

Never copy and paste someone else's again.  That's unless you want to help promote them!


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Creating Eye-Catching Images


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