Last year, I was still fresh in the entrepreneurial online space.  And to be honest, kind of chasing everything that sparkled.  I was so busy absorbing and throwing myself into what I thought was the latest trend, I didn't even stop to think about my goals.

When I finally came to my senses that I had basically lost my direction, I finally took a look at my goals.  None of them made any sense and I had deviated so far from them.  No wonder I was unfocused and unstable!

Dreams are a good thing.  Dreaming bigger is even better for your mind to stretch beyond what is comprehensible.  This is what I tell my kids almost on a daily basis.

But goals… now these need to be dealt with in a completely different way.

I'm going to share with you exactly how I have helped 100's of people set goals, stay accountable, and reach them.  And how you can apply these principles into your business and your life.


Ultimate Goal Setter in the New Year


#1  Always Step Back & Assess What You're Currently Doing

This may be best addressed with a concrete example…

I want to lose 2 dress sizes to fit into my my wedding dress before my 15th anniversary (which is 4 months away).

Current Status:
Eating an excess of carbs and sugars that I don't need.
Wasting a gym membership by not even showing up.
Staying up way late and snacking past midnight.
Being super tired ALL THE TIME.

Clearly these habits are not in align with my goal.  A miracle would have to happen for me to achieve that goal.  What must I do to either eliminate what's not working or alter my habits to align them with the goal I have in mind.


#2  Pick Main Points That Are MUST HAVES

When you identify either your weakest points or the areas that you want to improve the most, then create a goal that can most certainly CAN be achieved.

For example:Ultimate Goal Setting New Year
For weightloss or health goals…

weakness: dropping inches on my waist
must-do: show up to the gym every day
reasonable amount of time: 30 days

Example goals:
I will reduce my pants size by 1 size, through consistently showing up at the gym every day.

I will walk at least 20 minutes on the treadmill every day at the gym.


#3  Think in Blocks of Time

Ask yourself, how much can I actually do in 1 month?  3 months?  6 months?  1 year?

Ever get that sinking feeling when you think you should have done something that you forgot to do… and then realize you have like 2 days to do it?  Then you go into this frenzy to complete that task before the deadline?

Yeah, that is the urgency of time.  I don't know about you but deadlines keep me in line.  Especially timed deadlines.

However, the biggest mistake I see people make.. and fastest way to feel like a total failure, is when unreasonable deadlines are made.

For example:
I will lose 10 pounds in the next 7 days.  –  POOR GOAL
Not only is it virtually impossible, it is super unhealthy and unrealistic goal to have.
This is the fastest way to put yourself in the dumps and give up on your goals all together.

Averaging 1 pound per week (totally doable with elbow grease and drive), give yourself 10 weeks to achieve this goal.  10 weeks is only 2 1/2 months!

I will lose 10 pounds in the next 10 weeks by going to the gym every single day.  – GREAT GOAL



Bonus Tip:  Organize Your Goals

Goals are best written down and have set times to revisit the goals.

Mark a calendar and write in red, these dates to give yourself honest review your goals.

Mark your goals as met, modify, or toss.
That way you can track your progress.

Celebrate all victories big or small.

And then reflect, reset, and renew.


*Special Bonus Tip: Absolute MUST HAVE

Dedicate one of your goals to your Personal Development.  Whether it is to attend one LIVE event, attend or complete one course that deepens a skillset, or be a part of a Mastermind…

Maybe you have several mini personal development goals such as reading books to grow your biz, listen to these podcasts for your mindset, or find a mentor or two to learn from…

Achieve this one goal and you will see your business, mind, and life soar beyond anything you could imagine.


How to be the Ultimate Goal Setter in the New Year


Goal Setting in New Year


The worst thing is to lose sight of your goals!  Or never even write them down!

Keep them directly in sight where you can see them clearly.

Need help setting your Big Goals for the year?  Hit me up, I love to help!

Your Biggest Fan,


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