But, I'm an Introvert, I don't like crowds, people, or small talk!  How is it possible for me to surround myself with an audience that would be willing to hear what it is that I have to say?  

These were the exact thoughts I had in my head when I learned this was the very first step that I needed to do.  

I wanted to run the other way.  

Better yet, I wanted to cry in my closet at home.


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Guess what?   It's totally possible and do it FAST, even if you're totally a introvert!  I'm sharing exactly how I built my audience up to 20K+ in just over 1.5 years.  

Trust me, it's not easy but it's not impossible…  


Step 1 – Shoot for the Stars

Once you decide which platform that you want to tackle, shoot for big numbers. 

Stay within the rules always and know the algorithm for your particular platform!

Slay within the platform and make as many real connections with others in your particular niche every single day!  Don't miss one day!

Even if you add 1 person a day for 1 year, That is 365 more connections you will have made in one year's time.  That's pretty significant!

If you had a single referral from every connection that you made, you'd have 730 connections in 1 year's time.

Think about that.

Check out my very first 32 days on Twitter!


How to Build An Audience


Step 2 – Build With Authenticity

Like for like is kinda tricky.  If you want tons of followers who have absolutely no interest in what your message is or what you have to offer, then this is a very easy way to get your followers way up. 

To have organic followers who are within your niche and honestly very interested in your cool content, that's a whole different story…

I'll share from personal experience.  



When you consistently put out valuable content for your particular audience, each piece of content that speaks to them will move them closer to a strong connection with you.  Let me give you an example. Valuable content is like a flame and that flame attracts moths like crazy.  The moths can't help but being drawn in to a flame!  

Remember, it takes several touchpoints for someone to move closer to want to work with you.  

If you are only concerned with you follower numbers, yes, you may be intially portrayed as a leader.  But if those followers don't convert to leads and to sales, then all you are is just a shell of a leader with no new leads, and no money.  The whole point of building an audience is to have potential customers and clients.  Not just people who liked and walked away.    


If you think engagement within your audience is critical, then keep reading!


Step 3 – Keep Putting Out Really Good ContentHow to Build an Audience for Introverts

This leads us to the key point…  build an engaged audience.  But how do you do that? 

Keep fanning the flame!  YOU are the expert in your field.  You are the one who is one step ahead. 

Lead. Teach. Be Generous. 

Serve that audience continually with good content that provides relief to their problems.  Lead with value. 

How do you continuously put out valuable content in this noisy world if I'm super introverted?  If you want to learn more about that, I have a few other articles that you might be interested in.  


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Putting out content doesn't automatically mean doing Facebook Lives or speaking in front of a large crowd, or knocking on doors of strangers.  There are MANY avenues for you to put out beautiful value packed content!  

Here's a short list, some of which I personally use:

  • blogposts 
  • written posts with images on different social media platforms
  • funnels!!!
  • emails 
  • videos
  • podcasts…  need I write more???

Build an Audience even for Introverts


How To Build An Audience *even for Introverts!

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See, I promise, if I can build an audience of 20K+, you can too!

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