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When I sat in my first Marketing Workshop, the first thing my mentors asked was,

“What are the two most important things in your online business?”

I sat there thinking, two most important things?  Hmm…  Contacts?  Assets?

The answer was Leads and Money.

(::silence::)   That was me scribbling down notes.  I obviously had no clue and needed to listen and learn.

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Capture Your First Leads

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How Do I Capture My First Lead?

What I learned is that not only are leads important to the growth of your business, generating leads on a daily basis was even more important.

I set out to learn how to capture my first 99+ leads.

There is nothing in the world like capturing your first lead.  You get such an adrenaline rush it's unbelievable.  It pretty much tops other ‘firsts' like your first car, your first date, even better, your first kiss!

In order to capture your first lead, you need to have a system set up.  I'm going to share with you the exact steps that I took.

You'll see it's not as complex as you think.  If a total non-tech Mom like me can set this up, anyone can do this. This is embarrassing but my husband just told me just a few years ago that I didn't need to double click on the web anymore.

Hey, I have a healthcare background…

Who knew?


Capture Leads


You Need Bait

Before you set out capturing your first leads, you need bait.

Generating leads it kind of like…  fishing!  Before you cast your fishing pole into the murky waters, you need to put the bait on the hook.

You might not get a catch the very first time you put bait on the hook.   Or you have to cast your line several times with the same bait.  Maybe you need to change the bait and just wait.

Your bait needs to be alluring.

* And hopefully it aligns with what it is that you are eventually offering…

For Example:  I am a physical therapist and I like to help people with weight loss to prevent undue stress on their joints.

So, I thought about what my ideal client would want…  And they would want a simple weight loss solution that doesn't require them to get pounding on the treadmill.  Because that wouldn't serve their ultimate goal…


I came up with a 7 Day Slim Challenge where the participant would get emails from me to their inbox everyday giving professional tips and advice and actionable to-do's for the day without having to goto the gym at all!  Sounds pretty awesome right?

Now, here's some other ideas of things you can put out there as bait…

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Grab a Squeeze Page or Capture Page

In order to capture your leads, you need something called a squeeze page or a capture page which allows ease of exchange.

Someone will put in their email address in exchange for the bait that you have offered them.

There are several programs out there where you can create a capture page.  I use a program called MyLeadSystemPro.

There are templates that have been pre-tested for good conversion that you can select from and basically drop in your information. 

Congrats!  You've now successfully captured your first lead!

Remember it only takes one stellar piece of bait and capture page set up to get your first 99+ leads!  You've got this!




Now What Do I Do With My Captured Leads?

Now the only step left is to choose an email autoresponder so you can send your bait or offer to the person who has put in their email address.  Unfortunately, a regular email account like gmail is unable to attach to the capture page directly, so you will need something like MyLeadSystemPro to be the connector.

There are a bunch of autoresponders like Mailchimp (free version available), Convert Kit, and my favorite Aweber.  If you want to try it out, you can grab a 14 Day Free Trial.

An autoresponder will allow for open communication with your audience.   Especially an audience that is already into the same niche as you… with the same needs, wants, and hearts desire!

Now are able to follow up like a boss with your leads whenever you like!

Commonality can bring a cold audience to a warm audience very quickly.  But that's a story for another post…


How To Capture Your First 99+ Leads

If you wanna go through the whole process, be sure to grab my book below and follow the path!

Capture First Leads


See, I promise, if I can do this, you definitely can do this!

Here's to your first 99+ leads!  I can't wait to celebrate with you!

Your Biggest Fan,

Capture First Leads



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