Let's face it, growing an online business isn't going to follow a linear path to success.  True to the unpredictable nature of this industry, there are low points as well as peaks or what I call breakthroughs throughout the journey.

Success is inevitable if you stick to loving the process and continue to have growth.  The only guarantee to fail is if you QUIT.

In order to continue to move towards success, one must have a succession of breakthroughs to push to the next level.

It is my belief that you don't need to wait for the next breakthrough to happen to you, but rather you take charge and create your next breakthrough.  Let me explain.


Create Your Next Breakthrough


What is a breakthrough?  This is the next stage of your journey, whether it's another level, another pay bracket, or another major goal achieved.  Driving towards this higher level gives you 3 things.

  1. Confidence
  2. Deepening development of the self
  3. Greater Knowledge or Skill


These three uber important characteristics in return up your value significantly.

So.. how do you achieve the next level?  I'm going to share how…


Map Out Your Next GoalNext Breakthrough

If you're a self starter like me, keep looking for the next breakthrough.  You need to participate in a challenge!

If there isn't one out there already that you see, then simply create your own challenge.

This will give you two things:  accountability and movement.

These two things, in my humble opinion, get you to an elevated state and then keeps you there.

I didn't know it at the time.  But my very first jump was from a Facebook Live Challenge for 60 days.  I literally went from someone who was completely invisible to someone that actually had a business!

Since then, I've participated in several challenges, each in the direction I was scared to go in…  and each pushed me beyond what I thought capable, and taught me my potential.


Take Action

I was at a Marketing Bootcamp and at the 10 minute break, we were all challenged to take action and start our 30 day Facebook Live Challenge.  

This challenge ended up being a 60 day Challenge and it catapulted me into the online space.  

You CAN definitely create your own Next Breakthrough!  I'm living proof!

When you don't take action, you aren't growing.  You aren't stretched, your personal development is stagnant.

The key here is your growth in personal development is also growth in your skillset, your presence, and your business! 


Next Breakthrough


Stay Consistent

Almost in a semi-obsessive mode. Tackle it, write it down on a calendar, hit an alarm and GET IT DONE.

There is no point in letting things slide and then wondering 1 month later why you haven't started yet. 

You have got to live the life you don't regret!  Every time I executed, got things done, checked it off my list, I never look back.  

What's done is done.  Maybe you don't see the effects of the wave that you created right away.  Later, when it starts to pay off, you'll understand why you hustled when you did.  

The only thing we cannot predict is time.  However, what we can predict is what we produce.

This is the most difficult step in the process.  Time can pass by very quickly when we're having fun, when life stops us in our tracks, and especially when we're distracted!  

The one who benefits the most is the deliverer who continually shows up.  


Create Your Next Breakthrough

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Next Breakthrough


Your Next Breakthrough awaits!  Don't just sit there and wait because it is not going to simply land on your lap.  You have to go after it with your heart and your soul!  GO!

Your Biggest Fan,

Create Your Breakthrough


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