Let's face it, many distributors start in a new MLM every day. Most distributors don't make it, in fact 97% of Network Marketers fail.

Why is that?  Sadly, most of them never took the time to learn the right skills, build their mindset, or quit way too early.

On the flip side, there are a lot of distributors (that 3%) who do succeed in Network Marketing.  Why is that?  Is it because they have learned the skill of selling?  This intrigued and plagued me at the same time.  I saw an Upline succeed quickly to the top in 2 years and then reach the top again in her 3rd year in the business without having any previous experience.  In fact, it was her first job ever in life!

This started me on a path to find out what it is to get the breakthrough inside a Network Marketing Business.  Here's what I found out:

#1 Being Salesy Doesn't Work

This one I found out the hard way.  If I could have a fresh start and do it all over again, I would not be the spammy self that I was!  I started making posts on Facebook which were very salesy and pitchy!  Yes, I had an initial spike in sales and customers but that is not a very good long term strategy as I learned just as quickly when the same initial sign ups were drop outs.

So it's not about being the salesiest person on the block.  In fact, that is a guarantee to KILL your business.  Trust me.

What's the Truth about Network Marketing?  It's actually better to NOT be salesy, at all.  A blank slate is better and a thirst to learn the right way is best.  Network marketing, which states it clearly in the name of the profession, is making connections.  How do you do that on Facebook?  It's about developing relationships and serving the people that need a solution to a problem that they have.


#2 Okay, If I'm Not a Walking Sales Sign, Then How Do I Sell?

This is a great question to ask.  As this was exactly the next question that I had.  Asking this question is KEY because it shows that you're in the profession to learn the skills that need to master to have a thriving business.  What you need to ‘sell' is YOU.

It's not the product or the opportunity that moves a person to purchase.  There are thousands of distributors in your company, if that was the case, a potential customer could purchase from anyone.  They choose to purchase from YOU for several reasons, whatever it is that they value, they saw that in YOU.

So, what you need to do first is step into the light and show everyone who you are and what your message is!  Continue to provide VALUE and the solution to what can help solve someone's biggest problem!  So, how are you continuously dripping the good stuff to your audience?

When you bring VALUE, you also build trust.  Be engaging with the connections that you have made, whether thru newsletters, social media posts, messaging, or even videos!  In other words, build your list!


#3 Okay,  I'm a Problem Solver, Now What?How to Succeed in Network Marketing When You're Clueless About Selling

Like Jean-Luc Picard would say, “Engage!”  Remember, the Enterprise was looking for new worlds to make new friends.  Not torpedo blast every new life form that they encountered?!

You have to think like you're dating.  For some of you, this could have been a long time ago.. or maybe you don't know how to effectively date.  Let me ask you this, would you just invite a complete stranger off the street to join you at the altar to be legally married?  Probably not.

You are the missing piece to that person's puzzle but they don't know that yet!  You have to spend time with that person, build up their trust, show them the benefits, and then one day, they are ready to take the plunge!

Think about it.  Would YOU get eye surgery from a small ad in a newspaper that simply said, “Call me, I'll fix your eyes at a discount!” Probably not.  You'd probably get a referral from someone (preferably a good physician) who has performed thousands of surgeries, someone who made solid connections (and built up a nice reputation) who has your TRUST before you opt for lasers going into your eyes.

This is why content marketing is so key for a thriving business.  Keep providing valuable information that your consumers can take away and start implementing right away.  Develop a loyal following, and become SO good that they keep coming back for more.


How to Succeed in Network Marketing When You're Clueless About Selling


There you have it.
The basic fundamentals in how to sell without selling!
Beginners, start taking action today.
Seasoned marketers, constantly revisit proven simple strategy,
Go and make sales!

Your Biggest Fan,


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