This is exactly what I typed in the google search bar when I made the decision to dive into the online space.  I had NO IDEA what a lead was and quite frankly, why I should care what a lead was?  What did it have to do with my health business?  

Let’s face it.  Between the 10 conversations running in your head, keeping track of the week’s events; music lessons, language lessons, missed school notes, medicine schedules, and slight lack of sleep.. Moms don’t have time to research this stuff online, let alone sit for 5 minutes.

Here, I aim to give you the info in a NUTSHELL.  

What’s a Lead?

Someone who might be interested in your stuff. You can call a lead someone who gives you their email address for a free offer.  

Believe it or not, you do this all the time.  When you make a purchase at your favorite clothing store for example, they ask you if you want to receive coupons and special deals.  What do they ask you for?  Your email.  

Now you’re on an email list to receive emails when they have discounts and sales.  You just became their lead.  

What is Lead Generation?

Now you know what a Lead is… You see how important it is to capture leads to be sure you keep them in the know about your latest and greatest news and offers!  Yep!

So how do you capture leads or do what they call Lead Generation?  Well, you gotta create an offer that is so irresistible that people want it in their email or are willing to give you their email to receive that information.

Would you like to see the best all-in-1 tool that Online Marketers need to be proficient, efficient, and also creative to give their marketing that personal sparkle that brings it to life?  Learn about all the bells and whistles in this program for Lead Generation.

What is a Lead Magnet?

This is exactly what the words mean.  Nope, I didn’t want to believe it either at first.  But it is that AMAZING IRRESISTIBLE Offer that someone simply cannot walk away from and would LOVE to give their email address to continue to keep up with what other YUMMAE stuff you have to give.  🙂  Simple right?

For Example, I love teaching Renaissance Moms who want to Seriously Grow an Online Business utilizing Attraction Marketing right?  So, of course I understand the challenges to get started with an endeavor like that?!  I understand that Moms like myself would prefer cheatsheets to reference, which I can scan readily and available when I have a moment to read (whenever that is!  Sometimes I wish I could read in the shower!)  So I put together an E-Report which explains the exact steps you need to take.  If you'd like to grab it, you may right here –>> My 5 Essential Tips for the Busy Biz Mom.

Why Should I Care?

Now that I’ve explained these three terms to you, do you understand the terms and what that means for you and your online business?  

Leads => Sales

Sales => Moola

That means you want to have happy consumers who will continue to make purchases with you. They may even refer you to other people.  By continuing to bring them valuable information through your emails, you will be able to continue the relationship that you have built.

Long-Term Happy Customers mean a Profitable Business!  

Now, I’ve listed all the reasons Why You Should Care 🙂  Okay, you gotta go out there and create those Never Before Seen and Magnetic Offers that people are drooling at the mouth to receive!!

Hope you got something out of this blogpost!
Your Biggest Fan,

Elaine 🙂

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