WARNING: Long post ahead…  In the pursuit of attracting those who are in the same vibration, I have gained immense knowledge and continue to develop the skills necessary to impact the world within my reach.  Here are my ABC's of Attraction Marketing I want to share with you!

Attract your tribe.  Don't be afraid to stand out of the crowd for your passions.  Own it.  Resonate with others who share your passions.  This means giving YOU the most exposure out there.  Be sure to open up any channels to broaden your reach.

Believe in Yourself.  Not being full of yourself.  Believe wholeheartedly in your current skill level, where you are in your journey, and where you're headed.  You were meant to be right where you are.  Keep believing.  Even if no one else believes in you, you must believe in yourself. If you need more belief, listen to Journey: Don't Stop Believing.

Consistency takes the cake.  Taking specific actions every. single. day.  When you become consistent you will create your own vibration.

Daily Actions are the simples steps that are the foundation of any fearless leader.  Need Daily Steps to model?  Grab mine here.

Eliminate the unnecessary.  In life there is no shortage of distractions.  Focus on the few essential items and execute, execute, execute!

Freedom whether it is Financial, Time, or Location is worth fighting for.  Faith is what got me started and what continues to drive me.  Ain't got Faith?  Reach deep within and find it.  When you do, you will be unstoppable. (Remember to have FUN!!)

Learn the ABC's of Attraction Marketing
Goal oriented direction.  Set goals big and small.  Do you have the goal of Firing Your Boss?  Write it down where you can see it every day.  Take that BFHG (big fat hairy goal) and break it down into smaller steps, working backwards.  Then take each step and execute.  Know that each step is getting you closer to your BFHG.

Have a Helping Heart. Make your mission to help others.  Helping others achieve their goals will ultimately will help you achieve yours.

Ignite the fire that which is within you.  Then fan the flames with podcasts!  Listen to my list of podcasts to 10x your day!  Checkout Entrepreneur on Fire with JLD.

Jab, Jab, Jab and then Right Hook!!  If you haven't read Gary V's book, this is on that you need to pick up!  That's right, don't pitch the minute you're outta the gate.

Kindness will go further than you will ever know.

Let Go of Your Past.  Push aside all the things people told you or you told yourself that limit you from pursuing your dreams.  They no longer exist.  They are not truths.  Figure out YOUR truths and move forward.  Always keep moving forward.

Mental Rehearsal is powerful for mindset training, productivity, and purpose.  Don't underestimate the power of your mind.  Feed your mind continuously with books, audiobooks, webinars, live seminars, masterminds, meet-ups, articles, tutorials, youtube videos, etc.  Spend time visualizing your success whether it is your ultimate success (your perfect day) or a goal you want to achieve today.

“NO.”  Get familiar with this word.  Successful leaders are very good at saying no.  They stay on track towards their goals and are relentless.  No also eliminates the shiny object syndrome that might distract you from the ultimate goal.  And no negativity!  That repels!

Learn Attraction Marketing

Ordinary is Out.  Embrace the fact that you are weird.  Own it and be proud of who you are.  Who you are will will determine who you attract and also determine your target audience.  Pay close attention to this.

Persistence is 2 out of the 3 keys when you are in the pursuit of How to Get Clarity on Your BRAND and Growing your Online Presence.  Long breaks sever the creativity flow and to start up again requires more energy.  Get into a rhythm and keep persistently showing up and growing.

Quit.  Don't EVER quit on your dreams.  But you can quit in your business everyday and start fresh each morning.  Each day is fresh with no mistakes.

Rise to the occasion.  Roll with the punches.  Revel in your successes.  Rinse & Repeat when you have found your winning structure.  If you haven't given your all, if you have quit before you even reach a milestone, if you have gotten too comfortable and complaisant, then you need to Rise Up.  Read Maya Angelou's poem Still I Rise.

Strive for meeting the better version of YOU every day.  Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday, not anyone else.  Put your blinders on.  What matters is only what you do.

Teach others what you have learned thus far.  A good mentor only needs to be 1 step ahead of her student.  If you need to learn about Leads, Lead Magnets, or Writing a Blog, find a mentor and follow them.  Then teach your audience from your experience and position yourself as a leader.

Learn Attraction Marketing

Uniquely U.  Don't pursue to be anyone else.  YOU are what attracts people.  Not the company, not the products, and not the service.  It is whatever that is being offered by U.  Get Clarity on your Brand.

Video Marketing is what you need to be doing.  Checkout how just a few videos landed me 6,500 views on my youtube channel!  Video will give you the most exposure.  Be proud of who you are, where you are, and your passions.  Read about the power of Facebook Lives here.

Watch Webinars to learn what is the latest and greatest.  Then, turn around and host your own webinar.  Do what others won't.

X-tra mile.  If you don't go the distance, someone else will.  People can only be attracted to you if they see you.  Success breeds success.

Yes.  Be a YES person.  Open to ideas.  Open to opportunities.  Open to new experiences. Open to changing into the Better YOU.

Zero to a Million in your own time.  Be comfortable knowing that you put your best effort out there every day and you will get the success of your dreams.

Listen and Learn the ABC's of Attraction Marketing.  Look Below…

ABC's of Attraction Marketing

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