The Answers here may not be standard or conventional…

I don't consider myself a writer.

I often find myself speechless in conversations where I have nothing to say.

It doesn't take long to realize that in Branding Yourself and Growing an Online Business, there is one outstanding notion that keeps bubbling to the surface.

Content is King

Become the master at the skills of content creation So where does all this content come from?

Why does it seem like Successful leaders have a continuous flow of content day after day?

Is it because they have stuffed their brain and the result is overflowing with ideas?

Believe it or not, content is everywhere.

It's there for you to consume and for you to share.

Anyone can have unending flow of content.  It's pretty simple, I'll explain.

Here are some truths that you might need to ingrain in your head before taking the leap into Content Creation Mode:

What are the things that you are dying to learn about?  Let these questions be the foundation for your idea starters..

Goto the Library or the Bookstore to Find Content

Believe it or not, you can find endless ideas and content in the Magazine section.

The bigger the magazine's popularity, it's likely they have a team specifically working on the writing.

Among a shelve of 100's of other magazines, the headlines, imagery, emotional feeling MUST grab your attention.

Magazines pay top dollar for their copywriters.  This is where you will see many examples of stellar writing.

They also have research teams working on following trends and bringing you topics that are very relevant and current.

Take a Look Around You and Note to SELF What Attracts YOU.

Stop and think about it?  What drew you in or made you lean into taking a look at something?

Was it the imagery that it sparked in you?  Did you resonate with the picture?  Did the words make you recall a positive childhood memory?

Master Skill Content Creation

Follow Top Leaders in Your Industry and Observe

Chances are, if they are talking about a particular subject, it's a HOT TOPIC.

If a particular strategy or tip intrigues you and you implement it into your process.

You then have an opinion (yay or nay) about the particular strategy or topic.

You can share about your experience and review on the particular topic.

Whatever you do, let the thoughts or opinions be your own.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Know Your Audience and Listen

What drives someone to read your content?

Are they searching for the solution that you have?

Why not ask your audience what they are looking for?

For example, I work with a women who are typically Moms who may have part-time work and/or a plan B.

One of the biggest challenges is finding the time to focus on the task at hand and be productive in that short window.

You can find 101 Ways to Tackle that challenge, take a poll to find the top 10 of this list.

Then take each chunk and develop it into content that is helpful.  🙂

Never run out of relevant content!

Master Content like a Pro

Attend An Event and DO This One Thing

Why do top leaders need to attend events?  Why should you attend events?

Have you heard, When You Show Up, You Go UP?  Honestly, I had no idea what that meant until last year.

I had the fortune of attending a Marketing Bootcamp with Ray Higdon.

I sat there at the edge of the seat, one after another, speakers came on stage and shared their expertise.

Instead of sitting there with wide eyes, I was feverishly taking notes.


Because the biggest takeaway I got from the bootcamp was this,”Your notes are uncashed checks!” (credit: Ray Higdon)

This is why events are SO Important.

Learn and Master the Skills of Content Creation

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Let the creative juices flow, fill your mind with delicious information, and share!!
The world is waiting for your voice!
Your Biggest Fan,

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