Laziness was my best friend.  And that is what kept me broke…  I started to study what it was that Successful Entrepreneurs were doing in their daily routine. That is how I discovered the Morning Routine.

I did not have one.

I listened to several entrepreneurs' recommendations and hand picked what I would be able to do in my schedule and philosophy.  I picked the next day to just start and do this for 30 days.  I saw significant growth in these 30 days… more movement than I had in the last year!




Tip: Read the Miracle Morning for inspiration.  The book details inside look at different entrepreneurs morning routines for success. 

Truth of the matter is this.  Some experts will preach that it requires 21 consecutive days to make a habit stick.  Success, right?  Contrary to that commonly held believe,  I truly think if there is a will, it can only take 1 day to make a change.  When you understand the purpose and you believe the reason for it, it does not take very long to incorporate it into your life!

Note:  You need to figure out your personal Morning Routine and what works for you.  It may take some time to tweak it and you may not hit every single point each day.  Your Routine may change over time as your life or business transforms.  The important thing is to have a routine and have it stick.  You will see results when you do your due diligence.

Here, I list my morning routine that I have been following for quite some time now, watch my quick video.

What's in Your Morning Routine for Success


Morning Routine for Success

Make a list of 8-10 things that you need for your Morning Routine,
Write it down where it is visible,
Wake up tomorrow morning and start your day right,
Your Biggest Fan,


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