scares you. There were many things, when I think back on my life that I did not advance when I thought I would. And one of those things I know I didn’t do is because of fear.

Some of you know, I went to a pretty prestigious undergraduate university. I was fearful of succeeding and afraid to go out into the real world. By my senior year, I was so worried that I would not graduate with my class that I threw myself into my studies and I missed recruiting. The whole entire thing.  I felt so overwhelmed with the whole drop process.  I didn't even know how to create a resume.  Instead of dealing with my fears, I avoided them like the plague and just decided if I didn't deal with it at all, it wouldn't bother me.

By the time we got to graduation, I did hustle and graduate with my class. I remember thinking,

“GOSH, everyone has a job and I do not.”

Do One Thing

I know I have several missed opportunities because of that. I missed the experience of recruiting, I missed the opportunity to meet with companies that were coming to campus, I missed the opportunity to be doing something different and most of all, I missed the opportunity to have a JOB when I graduated.

When I should have been feeling excited, I was feeling “YELCH.”  And that wasn't a good feeling AT ALL.

Now I understand the importance of facing our fears.  By facing it head on, I will be able to drive myself to success…  tackling one fear at a time.  It is never too late to decide to draw the line in the sand and take ACTION.  You can't regret it either way.

Lesson Learned:  Go and Do That One Thing that SCARES You

Do That One Thing

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