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Why Consistency is so Important in Business and in Life

Is this important piece missing in your Life or better yet in your Biz? 3 Tips to put consistency in your Daily Routine for More Success...   Why is Consistency So Important? Since I have been documenting my journey each day...  I can look back and see where I had...

My Takeaways from a Private Session with Les Brown

We all know Les Brown is well known for giving the best Mindset Training. He speaks all over the world and helps Entrepreneurs augment their mindset by eliminating the internal roadblocks that they have. Watch my Takeaways from a Private Session with Les Brown...

What You SHOULD Post on Facebook to Build YOUR Brand

If you haven't taken a look at what NOT to post on Facebook about your Business, then go back and read that first! Believe it or not, there is a formula for posting effectively?!  I didn’t know this but there is a difference between getting engagement and posts that...

7 Tips to be Productive When Working From Home

Sure working from home sounds nice but the challenges to STAY Productive is the battle. Want to Skyrocket your Productivity? Read these 7 Tips... Have A Daily Plan of Action The most overlooked step in the process!  There is always going to be something else to look...

Network Marketing Tip: 7 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Give You Top Exposure

... and this is without sacrificing your life, sleep, or your firstborn. Social Media is something that has changed the face of Network Marketing. Traditionally, you needed to use the 3 foot method (speak to anyone within 3 feet of you) or as I have even heard the...

Learn and Master the Skills of Content Creation

The Answers here may not be standard or conventional... I don't consider myself a writer. I often find myself speechless in conversations where I have nothing to say. It doesn't take long to realize that in Branding Yourself and Growing an Online Business, there is...

The Anatomy of a Stellar Blog Post

There is a process when you start out blogging.  I did not have a clue how to do it or how to do it effectively.  I decided to do a 30 day Blog Challenge and oh boy did I learn!  I aim to cut the loose ends and give you the exact components that you need to have...

17 Reasons Why Super Moms Are Rocking Network Marketing

In 2015, I was faced with the one thing that I'm pretty sure is every Mom's worse nightmare. I was kneeling on the ground, cradling my 4 year old in a panic waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  I didn't know if she was breathing. Needless to say, this began a...

How to Grow Your Audience 500+ on Facebook in Less Than 3 Months [Organic Traffic]

Kim Garst says that if you are not utilizing Social Media for your business you will not have a business in 5 years.  Her statement stunned me because I was exactly the person she was talking about.  I was one of those Facebook profiles with no profile picture, and...

Learn The ABC's of Attraction Marketing

WARNING: Long post ahead...  In the pursuit of attracting those who are in the same vibration, I have gained immense knowledge and continue to develop the skills necessary to impact the world within my reach.  Here are my ABC's of Attraction Marketing I want to share...

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