Sure working from home sounds nice but the challenges to STAY Productive is the battle. Want to Skyrocket your Productivity? Read these 7 Tips…

Have A Daily Plan of Action

The most overlooked step in the process!  There is always going to be something else to look at.
The draw of the shiny object syndrome.
Most people don't come up with a plan let alone stick to it.
Even when they know it's good for them.
Write it down, make it concrete, have physical checkboxes for an actionable marker so you can visualize your accomplishments.
Be sure it's portable for life's unexpected circumstances!

When you are working from home, you can be more effective if you have a daily plan that is achievable and executable no matter where you are.

Get a Full Night of Sleep the Night BeforeProductivity Working From Home

This one I'm not kidding about.  Those of you who think that ‘burning the midnight oil' is the way you go, you might get a few things tackled in the short term, but in the long run, it will show up in your health, your face, and your attitude.

With a good night's sleep you brain will be rejuvenated.  Wake up to a brand new day with no mistakes and fresh start!

There are so many benefits sleeping well the night before, you won't be dragging later in the day, you probably will not over eat, and your energy level will be more stable.  Energy = Productivity

Minimize Distractions

In life there is no shortage of distractions. That is the Truth!

If you are at home and you can't stop thinking about the 50 chores that need to be done, 25 errands, after-school activities you need to prepare for, and on top of that, throwing together a nutritious healthy dinner…

Remove yourself from the distractions and goto a coffeeshop, library, or if you have an office that you can close the door and create a physical separation.

If music motivates your senses and drives to do work, put on some headphones and select that playlist.

Hire a Helper

Outsource the tasks that are eating up your time.  This doesn't have to be super expensive.

You can get a sitter, perhaps college kid on break or high school who wants to make a little extra cash.
So you can get focused on the task at hand that you need to accomplish.

Another creative way to get small tasks completed at home is to have a “Task Board” for children who are old enough to safely tackle some simple chores.

Just to preface this, I do not do this all the time because it loses it's sparkly-ness but I would post a dollar with a small task on a cork board and tell my girls if you want to earn some extra spending money, take a look at what I have on the board.

Great way to have a teaching moment, give kids ownership of their actions and decisions, while also eliminating little distractions for you!  It's a win-win!

Schedule Timely Breaks on PURPOSE

Often forgotten BIG tip here.

We learn so much about creating task lists, prioritizing task lists, making tasks time sensitive, and then execution of the tasks.

Scheduling breaks is rarely talked about.

The truth of the matter is this.

It is only humanly possible to focus on tasks in segments or power surges.

Then it is more productive to take a break, to then recharge for the next burst of Mental Focus.

Productive Tips to Work at Home

Plan Momma Get Togethers to Reward Yourself

Let's face it, we look forward to social gatherings with your friends.  Mommas need it especially as we often put our own needs at the bottom of the totem pole.

Mani-Pedi, Massage appointments, Korean Spa Day, bowling, or even just a meet up at a cozy restaurant or coffee shop would ease the mind and give you a complete break from the busy work.

If you don't have girlfriends who are available when you are, look to Meet Up groups or local Mom Facebook groups for social events.

The main point being, set an event to look forward to, put it in your scheduler, and look forward to reaching that reward.

Don't Bother Doing Non-Essential Work

You are only 1 person!  This is the formula you should know…  [Productivity = Essential Stuff – Non-essential Stuff]

It's that Simple.  Read this book Essentialism by Greg McKweon if you need the details and guidelines.

If it's simple tasks that are just time consuming, hire a *responsible high school student to complete the tasks for you on an ongoing basis.

For your business, if you are at the point where you could off load the non-essential busy work to a hired assistant, this is very efficient.  Make a task post on Upwork.  Know that language, time difference, and different cultural expectations may contribute to delay.

7 Productive Tips for Working at Home… or Anywhere

Here, I'll share with you the #1 thing that gives me a healthy mindset, university training, and proven strategy right here.

Take some time to do some self-care and you will see the results.
Your Biggest Fan,


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