Here are some tools that I have found super useful to build my business and run it like a well oiled machine.  Listen, between my kid's activities, cooking dinner, exercising, and praying, I don't have much time to waste so there are definitely tools that I use to improve my efficiency and allow me to be super productive!  I only share what I has been helpful, otherwise, why bother mentioning it?

Some of these are affiliate links 🙂  I thank you in advanced for your support and also want to support you back.  Don't hesitate to grab a free consult to help you navigate any questions that you may have!  I aim to please. 🙂


Everyone needs an Autoresponder!  This takes the cake out of reaching out to your potentials.  There are quite a few Autoresponders out there.  As a low techie person, I needed something with good support and the live chat support in Aweber was perfect for me to ask my questions and get them answered pretty immediately.  Listen, this Mama only has snippets of time here and there to get stuff done.  And I needed something that was going to work for me!  If you want to grab a trial of this one, you can do that right HERE.





No nonsense, hassle-free, this is what I look for in a Scheduler.  I wanted ease of use for my customers to reach me and know what availability that I had for them and for them to have ownership in making the decision to schedule.  This is what Acuity Scheduling does.  It also has an affiliate program so your customers can utilize the same ease of entry when they are ready to take on that part of their own business.  Be sure to check it out here:





Resources Canva Image Creator Brand Designer

This is the tool that I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  To create those award winning inspirational quote photos..  Canva is the BEST image tool to use.  If you are looking to Brand Your Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, Create Youtube Thumbnails, Blog posts, Infographics, Banner Images, Logos, and the list could go on…  Release the inner creative beast OR use a Done-for-you template inside Canva, you really can't go wrong!  Be sure to check it out here:





Can I say more?  Amazon is the best marketplace.  Did you know that Amazon also has an affiliate program?  Yessiree.  Whatever products you love and love sharing your thoughts on, become an amazon affiliate and share away!  Here is where I normally purchase books that I want to read or gadgets that I utilize in my business for efficiency.  Read about it right here:






Wanna discuss other Tools?  Let's Chat?!?  I wanna know more!

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