If you see Fear standing right in front of you…  instead of avoiding it, go towards Fear.  Greet it with a hand shake, figure out what kind of fear it is, and decide what you will do.  Read about the Science Behind fear…

Fear is REAL and It IS What is Holding You Back.

This is a natural instinct and response that has been built into our system for survival purposes.  When we face something fearful, our natural response is to release adrenaline into our system.  Our body is pumped with adrenaline so that we will be readily prepared for a ‘fight or flight' response.  Remember that 7th grade Science lesson?

Did you ever feel the back of your neck hairs stand up?  Want to know why this happens?Science Behind Fear

3 Types of Fear

External fear – These are fears that arise from experience with something.  For example the fear of spiders because you had a frightening experience when you were little that put you that position.

Internal fear – These are fears that you have created response to an experience that made you develop internal emotions.  Example of these are: fear of failure, fear of rejection, lack of self-worth, and doubt.

Maybe you're afraid to start your own business because you fear it will be a huge failure.
Perhaps you didn't ask that person to hang out or go on a date because you fear they will reject your invitation.
Let's say there is a particular hobby that you have wanted to start but just can't get started in it for fear of success!

Subconscious fear – Similar to internal fears, these develop in our minds from response to internal emotions.  These fears go even deeper and become part of who we think we are.  They shape the way we respond, either avoiding certain things or limit our actions because they pose a mental hurdle that we think we cannot step over.

Subconscious fears develop into limiting beliefs.  These fears are so deep you may not even realize they are there and you mind begins to think it is fact.  A perfect example of this is you're afraid to start your own business and work for yourself because in the past you've never had a good experience with your own boss.  You have a negative view of bosses and don't think you will be a good boss yourself.  Because of this limiting belief, you never even entertain the thought of being your own boss.

How Do You Combat Fear and Start Living Your Life

You already know the answer.  Knowing the answer is one thing, but Acting on the Answer are two different things.

We need to protect our minds and stay in a place of positivity.  Surround yourself with those who will encourage you!!!

We need to separate ourselves from the limiting beliefs that our fears have created in our minds.

Those limiting beliefs that you hold are NOT fact.

Listen in on the complete details on How to Tackle your Fears in the video below.

The Science Behind Fear and Getting Control Over Your Mind

Looking for a challenge to PUSH your knowledge beyond the boundaries in your mind?  Get the University Level Training to have the mental strength to tackle all your limiting beliefs.  This non-techie Mom did just that to Combat Her Biggest Fears!

Now that you have learned the Science Behind Fear
and equipped you with what you need to tackle that fear in you…
Let's see you go out there and crush it!
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