To be honest, there are 100 different reasons why you should NOT goto events.  And all of them are probably excuses because you are afraid to face your fears….


Should Live Events


Because You Want to Remain an Amateur

Professionals will tell you that even though they may be earning 6, 7, or even 8 figures, they are attending LIVE Events to further their knowledge, broaden their connections with other influencers for future collaborations, and continuing to invest in themselves.  Chances are they already invested in themselves to get to the success level they have achieved.


Because You Could Save Your Money

Thinking in the short-term is going to definitely hold you back from making sales in the future.  Perhaps you can't see the benefit of events right now but you'll only regret it later when others catapult in your space while you're still sitting on the ground twiddling your thumbs.  Stop wondering and start doing.


Because You Want to Continue Sitting At Home Wondering Why Your BrokeShould Live Events

As you see several people ranking up and claiming the dream life they visualized turn into reality!  I bet you they attend events.  Maybe it was a bootcamp, a retreat, a workshop, a mentorship program, company event or maybe better yet a mastermind.  Ask any leader and you will see that you will not find one who has yet been to their first live event.


Because You Want To Continue to Struggle Alone

One single person cannot get there all by themselves.  It takes a team. A group.  Relationships.  YOUR TRIBE.  Whether it is people who are mentoring you…  People who are building their businesses along side you…  People who are learning from YOU.  Rarely a single person is responsible for success.  Be around the people who get you and can help you find your way.  Start by attending a Live Event.

The decision is ultimately yours to make.
Perhaps a better way to rewrite this blogpost is…


Why You Should Goto Live Events

Here's an example of what you can do to maximize your Live Event.  You could have the chance to sit down chat with a top earner and founder of the largest Attraction Marketing platform online and ask some of the biggest question YOU or your audience has…

How much value would that be?      Priceless…



I'm not here to convince you,  I'm just here to share with you a great
live event coming up that might be a place to find community…



It's all in your hands.  Go out and create your future, grab your dream, and run with it.
It all begins with your decision…  to become a professional.  Goto Live Events.

See you at Live The Dream,


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Should Live Events


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