Most of my life, I have always worked for someone else.  What is certainly guaranteed when you are working for someone else or a company is structure.  When you show up, how many hours you work, when you can take lunch, how long you can take lunch, and sometimes, what you should wear!  And to be a good worker, you have to remain in that particular structure.  Some people find this structure to be comforting to keep you aligned for that paycheck.  I was one of those people.. until I realized that there were serious limitations or “stuck” issues when you lack control.

Going rogue and becoming an entrepreneur, you have the exact opposite issue.  There is NO structure at all.  You have to create some kind of boundaries where you never had to before.  The evolution was like this…  At first I had resistance to put much time into it (literally 15 minutes a night).  And then I fell in love with the process and the newfound FREEDOM and went totally crazy working whenever I had a free moment!  And all this in the midst of the chaos, piano lessons, language lessons, teaching math concepts, cooking dinner, never-ending list of errands…

You gotta pull on the reins, yell,”Hooooo!” and set up HEALTHY boundaries.  I went into the home business space to be able to have the flexibility for my kids when they needed me at moment's notice.  But I found myself saying, “Just a minute.” to them wayyyy too much.  This was NOT what I truly wanted.  And then I realized that I needed to create a structure to prioritize my kids!  Because when you are in content creation mode, this is a process that keeps going!  (And when those creativity juices are flowing and gosh darn it, it is just too much fun, who can stop?!?!)

Here are the steps that you can take to create those healthy boundaries:

1. Get Yourself A Blank Scheduler

If you don't have one to work off of, I created one you can pick up RIGHT HERE.  (No Optin here, it's just for your taking.)
Highlight the areas that are off limits, then schedule chunks of time for what needs to be done.  I can show you exactly what my weekly schedule looks like and I try to stick to working within the work zones and family time when it's family time.  Remember, you CAN have a bit of flexibility as long as you get the essential steps DONE.

Tip: If you need know what those essential tips are…  You're in luck, Grab my 5 Essential Tips for the Busy Biz Mom right here.  Never be without direction again.  

2.  You've Scheduled it, NOW GET IT DONE.

There is something about writing down a task and visually seeing that it needs to be taken care of.  It's utilizing more senses of your brain.  If you're smart and you've put down bite size tasks that CAN be easily accomplished within a few minutes, you're even setting yourself up for success!  So many times we try to overachieve and set these large hairy goals.  And they just aren't achievable in the allotted time that we have available.  Then we end up not reaching ANY of them, and we feel dejected, and then..  we STOP.  Completely.

So, remember schedule the baby steps!  Even if seems like an unmentionable, write it down.  Then attack and check it off.

3. Make a CHECKLIST and Check off Items as You Complete Each One

It's like taking out the garbage, one you put out the trash, you're done!  This is the same for those actionable steps one must take to grow an online business.  Here are a few examples…
– Did you reach back to those people who sent you a message?
– Did you share something of value today?  Maybe it's a blog post?
– Did you automate a small process that can work for you while you're sleeping?

Tip:  Do you need a daily checklist for your business?  You can create one from the this FREE document that gives you the steps you need to be taking everyday. 

4. Set an Alarm to Remind Yourself the Important Actions You Need to Take

This is a true story.  When something is that important to you, that your LIFE depends on it.  You will take that action every day right?  About 3 years ago, my daughter needed to have seizure medication everyday at 7am and 7pm.  It has to be precisely measured out and given without a glitch because skipping a dose might actually bring on a seizure.  I set the alarms on my phone (and my watch, lol).  We even had to fly through different time zones during vacations…  In that time, I NEVER missed ONE single dose.

See, when your life depends on it and you set those alarms, you can do it.

5.  Reward Yourself for Getting the Job Done

We see this all the time when teachers reward our kids when they've achieved even the tiniest of steps, right?  Somehow this gets lost when we grow older, but it's just as important to have!  Who says we can't rewards ourselves?  It's a great motivator and also great for our mindset.  Stay positive, stay goal focused, and if you need to dangle a mani/pedi to get yourself to that next level, then by all means, do it!

How to Find the Structure in Your Business in the Midst of All the Chaos

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