Is it possible to stay productive day in and day out?  The answer is yes.  Learn the most important step you need to take.

If you're waking up and plugging away each morning but feel like you're not getting anywhere…

or you're busying yourself ‘busy‘ work that doesn't produce income?


Are you Setting Goals?

Are you kind of putting this on the back burner or ‘tracking this in your head'???

Oftentimes more than not, I hear this.  And it's ridiculous to think the goals and expect follow through on them.

To properly Set Goals, you need to write them down.  Use a simple formula like this one:

I will ____(actionable item)______ by the end of the day (definite time frame).   

Make sure you have an actionable item, that means something that requires you to physically perform a task.  The second thing is to have a reasonable time frame to accomplish that goal.

Setting goals gives you a concrete direction to go…  immediately!

Time is always escaping us so you need to make the most of your minutes RIGHT NOW.

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Effective Short Term Goals Remove Distraction

This statement I'm sure everyone can agree…  There is no shortage of distractions!

What keeps us on track with making progress is sticking to our goals!

When you find you're being pulled to something shiny, ask yourself, is this on track with my goals?

If the answer is no, then refocus until you have accomplished your task at hand.

See how that works?  Wanna see my goals???


High Achieving Goals Cheatsheet


Avoid the Pitfall of PROCRASTINATION

Do you often find yourself saying, I didn't get to that… or I guess that will be pushed off till tomorrow.

Before you know it, that book that you wanted to write is now 6 months out, when in reality it could have been read by thousands of people in that short amount of time.  The truth hurts doesn't it?

If you have set goals and I'm talking about short term goals that are daily and slightly longer weekly goals.

You can't really push them off too far if you really want to stay accomplished.

The more you achieve, the more experiences you will have under your belt, the more efficient and specific your skill will be honed.

And your time will be better spent!


Are you Tracking Your Progress?

Everyone loves seeing progress but very few track their progress.  Well, I should say the smart marketers do.

Tracking progress has manifold benefits.

First, know that what you are doing is actually effective.

  • How many new leads are you generating each day?  each week?
  • How many of these leads are converting to sales?

Second, seeing your progress defined gives you a lot of encouragement to keep going!

  • How are you celebrating your wins?
  • How many goals are you able to achieve in your chosen timeframe?


Keeping a positive mindset is 1/2 the battle with any entrepreneurial pursuit or business that you are operating.


Mind is a powerful thing, it believes what you tell it. So keep feeding your mind with the thing of dreams. Click To Tweet


What Keeps You Motivated?

How many times are we disappointed with the lack of growth or feeling dejected with goals that seem unattainable?

Everyone likes to win!  When you win you feel great!  Guess what?  You're emitting positive neurotransmitters throughout your body and that is fuel to keep feeling great!

This kind of motivation is totally chemical.  And driven my little successes.

That's comes from achieving your goals.

Need to learn how to effectively set goals?  Look here.


The Most Important Step to Stay Focused In All the Noise


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