I see this all the time. Spammy posts that are all over facebook from over zealous marketers. I know this. I used to do this when I was new starting out with my business. I didn't know any better and I was simply doing what I saw everyone else on my team doing! In fact, I did something even worse. I didn't even make the posts my own. I straight ‘copy and paste' from someone else's facebook personal page. Had no personal content to it at all. And you know what? It got me a few sign ups initially.. Then slowly, I got less comments, less likes. It was mostly my own teammates giving me support (and much needed support I may add!).

You might say, well THAT person has made it to become a top earner with those spammy posts!  Yes, it can happen.  However, I would bet you that, the person who moved up also worked the business consistently and persistently behind the scenes.  No one advances with JUST spammy posts.

Here's another question you may ask, how will people know about my business if I don't keep posting on my personal facebook page everyday?  Well, I am not telling you NOT to post anything at all?!

WHAT I AM telling you to do is post about your experience or the things you love about your experience.  Write about some positive benefits or observations that you have noticed.  Make your posts personal and about YOUR daily life.  You will see how things that you love will be weaved into your story.  I am telling you to be professional and intentional about sharing an inside look into your life!

Think about the receiving end of these spammy posts. When you see them, what do you do? Do you scroll past them? Are you interested in being sold to when you are trying to learn more about a person by the insight that they bring to you? Are you satisfied with what you are seeing on these posts?  Do you get turned off by them?  Get my drift?

What to know know how to get engagement using your Facebook Business Page the RIGHT way?  Like a Professional?  Click here.

Here are some other things that you SHOULD NOT do on your Personal Facebook Page.  I list them right here.  Take a look…

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