As an Online Marketer, you need an arsenal of digital tools to make your day more efficient.  You could get really crazy with all the cool and fun new tools that keep coming out.  To cut to the chase and tell you the necessary tools that you need..  I'll share more in another post other tools that you can get in addition to the ones mentioned right here.

This is assuming that people DO have a smart phone that is!

Digital Tool #1:  Get An AutoResponder to Capture your Leads and Effectively write to them.

– Why you need an AutoResponder?  This is how you can email your list 1:many.
– I love that there is live chat on aweber because I have no technical skills and I didn't understand why something wasn't working.
– It is also an affiliate as well.  If you don't have Aweber yet, click here –> Aweber


Digital Tool #2:  Do you have a Scheduler for your potential client to contact YOU with EASE.

– All you need to do is share this link and your potential can have ownership and schedule themselves!
– The great thing is you can connect your Paypal account to the scheduler for clients who would like to receive coaching.
– It's so simple to Adjust the schedule around your weekly activities so you never miss a beat.
– I use Acuity Scheduler because this is what the Top Mom Bosses are using.



Digital Tool #3:  A Very Visually Consuming World, You Need Image Creator like Canva.

– Simple, Easy Digital Tool (and it helps that it's free!) to create those images for your social media. Look no further! Canva is it!
– I use this tool EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It's best to create your own images with your own personal brand and flare.
– It's perfect for creating all your needs whether it's for your Youtube Video, blogposts, facebook posts, covers, profile pictures, instagram, etc.
– Stop sharing other people's stuff and promoting other people when you need to put YOU out there!


Digital Tool #4:  Organizational Tool:  All-in-1 Marketer's Toolbelt

– Everyone knows to become that top leader, you need a Blog.
– Best place to have self-hosted Blog is with MyLeadSystemPro which utilizes the WordPress platform and step by step tutorials to have your blog just the way you want it.
– You also need to create Funnels which you can easily utilize the Done-For-You Templates and tutorials.
– Learn the Marketing Strategies that's going to work Best for Your Business inside.
– Get a complimentary walk-thru to get you in the direction you need for YOUR business.

Tip:  Try the Revolutionary Marketing Tool for 10 days and take it for a test drive.  When the information is applied, you will see growth.

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