What does it take to pick up your feet and start taking the steps toward your Dream Life?  Have you ever envisioned yourself living by the beach without getting approval from your boss?  How about being able to set your own hours and having to set the limit to stop working because you just love doing your work?  Maybe you've always wanted to call yourself boss and work on your own terms?

Ask Yourself These Questions:Pursuing Laptop Life

Do you LOVE what you are currently doing?
Is there something that keeps you up at night and you're itching to do something?
What makes you excited to wake up to a new day?

Listen to Yourself

Wherever you are, when you hear that tiny voice inside you, grab your notebook and jot down what it's saying.  Keep a journal of these ideas and thoughts.  Your Journey is most valuable thing during this stage.  If writing is difficult for you, record a voice message on your phone, or better yet, record a daily video.  If you do this everyday and act on 1 point everyday, you will not believe how far you will go in a short matter of time.

Know That It Will Take Time

No one is an overnight success.  Finding your passion is the difficult part.  Once you have figure that piece out, map our your proposed plan.  This is just an initial stage.  Get comfortable that there will be changes and the final plan may look nothing like the initial plan.  Nothing is perfect the first pass, second pass, or maybe even in the hundredth pass.  Be flexible with changes when you have obtained new knowledge that shows you need to go in a different direction.  Pursue your passion like it's an obsession.  Continue to mark your progress, your pitfalls, and your takeaways no matter how small the steps are.  The beauty lies in the process.

Be Willing to Pay the Price

This is not only talking about $$$.  Though, if you are willing to part with your money (that is a good sign) and pay for coaching, this will not only grow your personal development deeper and faster, what you receive will outweigh the cost of the coaching.  Don't settle for free coaching because the truth is, freebie can only get you so far.  When you are investing in your knowledge base and developing necessary skills, this is NOT considered a debt but an asset.

That being said, you also need to be willing to go for it.  And dive deep into the skills, learning the tools of the trade, marketing strategy, the whole nine yards.  It will take TIME.  And expect it will take a little time to get to your Ultimate BFHG (Big Fat Hairy Goal).

I poured myself into Online Courses, Webinars, Bootcamps (where I had to leave my family and travel cross country or across state lines), and Masterminds. I knew this would increase my value tremendously and also help those who I was serving.  It wasn't until I plunged thousands of dollars into coaching did I see the results I wanted.

Pursuing the Laptop Life

Become the BEST in Your Niche and Then Teach IT Baby!

Yes, you heard me right.  In order for you to be seen as an Expert in your field, you need to impart your knowledge onto others.  Serve others who like you, were beginners absorbing what they needed to get to the next level of success.  This is a very vital characteristic of great leaders.  It wasn't their selling capability, their charisma, or even their knowledge.  The fact that they were willing to impart that knowledge to help others become successful, is the reason why they are so successful.

Identify What Success is for YOU and Then GO DEEPER

Perhaps initially when you started this entrepreneurship journey, you were seeking more money to release your family from the chains of being tied to a dead beat 9 to 5.  When you really start to gain momentum, you may see that your focus will change to one of wanting others to succeed.  When you don't hold back and continue to have a heart of giving back, you will see other opportunities arise.  Other avenues to get your message across to impact others.  You will find MORE meaning than you initially had when you started.

Continue to grow in skill and also grow deeper.  You will find that you are Becoming the Person that you Dreamed of Being.  That transformation will happen right before you eyes and you will not want that process to stop!

6 Truths About Pursuing the Laptop Life 


Pursuing Laptop Life


Dreams will stay dreams unless you take Action.

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