Hey Business Builders!  You know what I'm talking about.  Getting STUCK in your business or in your life.

We've all experienced it and if we haven't yet, just wait, it will happen.

It's almost inevitable because the way life has it, we are to experience pitfalls, moments of weakness, as well as victories and excitement!

Here's the kicker, it's what you do when you're STUCK that will either pull you out of the ditch of despair or keep you stuck in the seemingly bottomless pit.


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I've been there.  Lemme tell ya.

My family lost someone very important to us and boy it shook us up.  It's been almost a year now and we are still trying to handle our emotions, our grief.

No matter what happens in life, you can make the choice to move forward or take a break to regroup and then make a come back.

I'm going to share how I was able to move forward and return to momentum.   Sometimes you can speak the loudest in a moment of silence.


Completely Remove Yourself To Get Some Clarity

Of course your intention is to return.   And a long break will make it more difficult to come back but it is a necessary action to take.  In the midst of the loss, grief, or whatever it is that you are battling, it may actually be counterproductive to ‘push through'.

Unplug from Social Media or other Business building activity and do something that is relaxing to you.  When you remove yourself from the office, and take a walk, you cannot be tempted to do things on your ‘To-do' list or even other little tasks.  No giving in to guilt that something needs to be done.

Clear your mind.

Sometimes the clearest path is revealed to you in complete silence. Click To Tweet


Take Massive Action

This is not exactly what you think it is.  This does not necessarily mean the grueling, tiring, 16 hour days massive action.

When everything is against you…
– maybe your computer completely died

-maybe you lost all of your data

-maybe you have to start from scratch again

That's ok.  In fact, it might be better to start over with a clean slate.  In my moment of silence, I heard a voice that told me, “Elaine, you need to write your story.”

And that's exactly what I did.  I was resistant at first, but I found myself returning to computer, writing one line, then one paragraph..

That was the massive action I took during the deepest, darkest moments.

Taking massive action doesn't have to come in the form of something very scary.  Though, if it's something you're scared to do, it very well may be the very THING that you do need to do!


What to do When You're Stuck


Surround Yourself With a Community of YOUR People

This has gotten me unstuck several times.  I cannot stress how important this is.

Isolation allows you to remain in your cycle of stuckness. Click To Tweet

1.  Only those in your niche understand the trials and tribulations that you go through.  The ups and downs and how to navigate the hurdles.

2. There is strength in numbers.

3. Validation that what you're going through is part of the growing pains and process to become the leader that you are.

You will hear countless stories of failures top leaders faced in order to be refined.  They will also share stories of triumph when they overcame obstacles, fears, or even personal beliefs to step into the role that they knew they needed to be.

What to do When You're STUCK

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See?  Now you can't ever be STUCK :), when you do, take action on one of the items above.

Your Biggest Fan,

When You Are Stuck




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