Complete Introvert Here.

After listening to a testimony at a company event about how a fellow top marketer prospected 92 people in 11 days…  at the mall, restaurants, coffee shops, and at Walmart parking lot… basically everywhere she went, I seriously was questioning what I was getting myself into…

I just kept thinking to myself, “Will I have to do this?”  The amount of anxiety that grew in my belly was making me sick.  I could actually taste yesterday's dinner in the back of my throat.  I could feel the cold sweat beading up on my neck.


Prospecting Network MarketersPin me?


Well guess what?  You absolutely do NOT need to do cold prospecting at all.

In fact, it's not the most efficient or effective or non-sustainable means to build a business!  I'm a Full Time Momma, I don't have time to spend all day standing in a parking lot or wandering around the mall talking to people who just aren't interested in what it is that I do…

What!?  What do you mean?  How do you build a business without prospecting?

This was actually what I wanted to know, when I jumped into Network Marketing.  As a true introvert, avoiding crowds and with a very tiny warm market of friends and family, I didn't have people to Network with.

Most people in my situation, when they get to this point, need to expand their Network…  or quite frankly, they quit.  If you don't expand your Network, your business cannot sustain itself.

How can you expand your Network without prospecting strangers?

I'm going to tell you 3 Powerful Actions you can take to expand your Network without prospecting strangers.  In fact, these proven strategies I have tested out and yes, they actually work!

In fact, it's so good that you can actually leverage your time and speak to more people (… and continue to speaking to people even in your sleep!).




Tip #1:  Create Valuable Content

Believe it or not, you are a plethora of experiences, good and bad!, and filled with powerful knowledge.  If you're reading this blogpost, then you're someone who yearns to learn and believes in pouring into your own mind!

In order to reap the benefit of what you have invested in learning and turn your knowledge into $$$, you need to share this knowledge.  Teach what you have learned, wherever you are in your journey, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned entrepreneur, you will become the expert and gain respect in your niche.

Mind you, it's not an overnight success, by any means.  In fact, I will share with you my latest traffic to my blog where I share my message!


Tip #2:  Get A Blog

Talk about leveraging your time.  Instead of speaking to only 10 people a day, the SAME thing, over and over and over again.  Why not create the process whether written down in a blogpost format or video?

If you do this regularly, and share your beautiful content with the world (the portion that actually cares what you're topics are about, that is…), you could be potentially be ‘talking' to hundreds of people at a time.  What?!

With a Blog or a Vlog, you can house all your beautiful content for those to see anytime, whenever they want, regardless of what you're doing.  And guess what?  You own it.

Believe it or not, or perhaps you have experienced it like I have, when you post on Facebook, you do not OWN it.



Tip #3:  Become a Magnet

Instead of chasing the wrong people, who will reject you before you even open your mouth…

What about attracting the very perfect person who already wants to do what it is that you do, or wants to learn how to do the very thing you are doing?!  Wouldn't that be much easier than standing at the entrance of a mall hoping to get even noticed…  Heck yeah!

Mind you, it isn't super easy to do this, otherwise everyone would do this and everyone would be millionaires.

With consistency and perseverance, you can for sure get to 6 figures as I have seen countless people in my community achieve this!  They are all creating and living their dream life!

Now, how do you become the Magnet that draws people towards you?

Well, you gotta put your Personal Brand out there and share your passions, dreams, struggles, results… pretty much your journey!  It's a high likelihood that you will connect with others who feel the same way as you do!

Be open to sharing your knowledge and be positive.

You will become the expert in your niche and have a flood of people wanting whatever it is that you have! 

If you wanna grab my list of Top 101 Topics to Write about for Your Blog?  Checkout my post here.




When Prospecting Isn't Your Cup of Tea


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