When I started out in the online marketing space, I did not even think about the importance of a headline.  It wasn't until I was learning the inner workings of marketing the right way (in an amazing community of marketers, I must add) that I started to understand the importance of Headlines.  Yes it matters!

Did you know that magazines pay top dollar to hire a team of copywriters just for the headlines?  There is a science to writing a award winning headline!

In my journey to find out what makes up a Jaw Dropping, Head Turning, Zigger of a Headline, I started to stalk the aisles at my local Supermarket.  No kidding.  I started to write down what caught my attention and which ones didn't and why???  I'm going to share with you the major takeaways from my findings…


Know Your Target Audience

Why is this important?  I learned from my mentors, you can't serve beef to a vegan crowd, no matter how good your marketing is.  It's not what your audience wants!

The more clarity you have about your audience the easier it will be to craft a specific headline that converts.  Put yourself in their shoes and read the headline and see if it will resonate with them!

Figure out their pain and provide the bandaid with a bangin' Headline!


Simple and Direct Headline

The #1 thing that Copyblogger writes is to write your headline short, simple, and to the point.  Direct messaging removes all the question marks.  You want the reader to understand the point the first time they scan it.  You have just a new seconds before they scan to something else.  So deliver your content right off the bat.  It will deliver your offer quickly and make a strong impact.


3 Types of Headlines You Can Start Writing TodayWrite Captivating Headlines

  • Ask that burning question…
    [How Do I Work From Home and Spend Time With My Kids?]
  • Peak curiosity.  Draw your reader in to want to read more….
    [10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Needing A Gym Membership]
  • Straight to the point Statement!!
    [Get Leads and Sales Starting Today!]


Use a Formula

After reading several articles (probably 10+) the most frequent formula I saw was this:

How To [Achievable Results] in [amount of time]
[End Result] + [Time Period] + [Objection]

And of course variations on this theme.  As you get more creative and get into the head of a copywriter, I think you'll branch out and try other headlines along these lines that are highly effective and serve the point well.  To see the vast list of formulas to use, checkout this article by Sumo.


Still Having Writer's Block?

There are Headline Generators out there too.  To get you started in creating a few headlines utilizing the words that you can provide.  One particular writer even suggested that the first headline will suck.  But sit down and come up with 25 different headlines.  Narrow them down to the top ones and see if one in particular sticks out.  Not only that, test the headlines to see which one converts better for your audience.


Extra Credit Bonus Material for the High Achievers

Keep Your Headline About 7 words to be Exact

Yes, I was reading up on this article that studied headlines that converted fell within this criteria.  When experts say keep a Headline short, they are doing it with intention.  Some experts will even be precise to say 5 to 9 words ONLY in naming your headline!  You can read more about it here, conversionxl, they have graphs, studies, and all if you really want to know.


Using Negative Words

Warning: Some words on this page might be violating your thoughts.
Another study showed that negative words outperformed positive words!  I would be careful with this information.  Though these words may evoke negative feelings, if you want your reader to have an enjoyable experience, I would think twice about this tactic.


Use a SubHeadline to Support Your Headline

Just because you have a headline that is turning heads, turn up the power by adding a subheading that adds to the headline.  Further support your short headline with a subheadline that rounds out your message.

How to Write Captivating Headlines
You're readers won't be able to wait to read what you have to say.

Its All In The Numbers

Did you know that numbers may increase the view of your content?  I didn't know this either!  In fact, according to Neil Patel, if you use an odd number, you will be drawing more trusted readers.  Who knew?!  So instead of writing out the number, be sure to use a number in your headline.  What number will you choose?  3, 7, 19??

How to Write A Captivating Headline?  It's all written above.



Whether you decide to use a provocative question or teasing headline,
be sure to keep an honest view and authenticity in your content.
The content is king…  just front your blog with an Captivating Winning Headline.

Can't wait to see your sparkly headlines,
Your Biggest Fan,


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